Network Operations and Services

The Network Operations and Services (NOS) group designs, installs, and operates the campus data network and related systems. We provide connectivity throughout campus, including within the Data Center, plus off-campus locations of University departments. We also manage the interconnection between the campus and regional and national research networks as well as connectivity to the public Internet. The NOS group collaborates with other groups within the Berkeley IT organization to provide end user connectivity and network services, includingWi-Fi and wired network connections.

Campus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity is available throughout most buildings on campus as well as in UC Berkeley-affiliated buildings located off-site. view Wi-Fi options | Wi-Fi upgrades in progress

Data Network Services

Data networking services to support the networking needs of your department and systems are listed below. These can be ordered directly from the Telecom Catalog:

Network Infrastructure Services Tools

Using the Telecom Catalog

The Berkeley IST Telecom Catalog is where you can order campus voice and data network services. Use your CalNet credentials to log into the Telecom Catalog then select "Service Catalog" from the left navigation bar to place your order.You can also use the Telecom Catalog to view information about the cables installed in your location. You can lookup cables that are in use (connected) as well as those that are installed, but unconnected (and available for use).  Go to the "Cables" lookup page on the left-hand navigation bar to access cable data. To see a list of all your IST Services in the Telecom Catalog, select "View My Dept's Services."

In order to place a change, move or delete a service you must have permissions for that processing unit. If you need assistance with access rights, please contact your department access rights administrator (ARA) for approval permission or have them place the request for you. You may also check our Telecom Catalog to find your designated ARA. Please login into the Telecom Catalog and on the left-hand navigation bar,  select "Access Rights Administrators" under "Manage My Dept's Services" to find your appropriate ARA.

Telecom Catalog Training

We have developed some short training videos (each less than 4 minutes) to guide you through using the Telecom Catalog or use this handy printable guide.

Technical Support

For quick answers to your questions, please search our Knowledge Base where you will find information on many technical topics. To open an incident, please send an email to for help. After you send the email you will receive an incident request email acknowledgement from ServiceNow and our team will work through the issue with you. Once an incident is opened, the system issues a tracking number that can be used to follow your request until it is resolved. Comments can be added at any time for the analyst who is working on your incident. You also have the option to call 510-664-9000. Select options 2, 1 to speak to one of our consultants.

For student Telecom Services contact Student Technology Services.

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