Campus Security Video System

The campus security video system is intended to deter crime as well as aid in the criminal and administrative investigation of violations of law and policy. Security cameras are thoughtfully installed — only where reasonably anticipated to be useful in response to a specific safety or security risk, and in a manner that respects privacy rights and minimizes any negative impact to lawful activity. Campus policy requires security cameras to be installed at all official cash handling points.

Cameras that are part of the campus security video system are installed in plain view (not covertly), do not record audio and do not employ facial recognition software. Cameras are only actively monitored for a specific need or purpose. Pre-archival footage is stored temporarily (about 21 days), and is only preserved beyond that time for the purpose of a criminal or administrative investigation. Security camera footage is considered an “investigatory or security file” and is exempt from mandatory release as a public record per 6254(f) GC.

Security cameras are a useful tool for protecting life and property, but have technological limitations (resolution, field of view, distance, lighting, obstructions, recording capacity), are not a guarantee against crime or of a successful investigation, and require maintenance, repair and eventual replacement. Campus Security Video Policy prohibits the installation or use of security cameras without UCPD approval. Please note this policy was adopted in 2011 and is currently under consideration for revision.

Access Controllers (or another person designated by the head or chair of an individual campus division / department) are authorized to request the installation, modification, repair or removal of security video systems for the buildings, facilities or other areas they manage.

To place a request please email or call (510) 642-9101.

UCPD provides oversight of the campus security camera system. For questions about the campus security camera policy or system oversight, or for other non-urgent issues, you may send a note to (responses may take 3-5 business days). To request other routine police services on the UC Berkeley campus, please contact UCPD at (510) 642-6760 (or 510-642-3333 for TTY users) at any time of day or night. In an emergency, dial 911.

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