How do I participate in this program, and is there a cost?

Access is free for UC Berkeley undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Complete this application to be considered.

When is the application deadline?

Applications are being accepted from May 14 through Aug. 1, 2022.

Can you send devices internationally?

No, we ship only within the United States and Puerto Rico. We cannot ship to other US territories or internationally due to customs and insurance.  

If my application is approved, when can I pick up my device?

Once you have received a notice of approval, click this link to view our calendar for available dates and times. Be sure to schedule an appointment well in advance of your desired day/time. Your appointment confirmation will include the pick-up location.

What devices does STEP offer?

Click this link to find our page with details on STEP's hardware offerings.

How can I access tech support?

For Lenovo laptops, contact Lenovo Premier Support at 855-669-3600 after having reviewed these guidelines (failure to do so may result in a loss of data).

For other laptops and technology, contact the Student Helpdesk, available in-person, by phone or by email; view schedule and contact infoIf the problem cannot be resolved, please inform STEP at so we can try to find another solution (e.g. replacing the device).

When and how should I return my device?

Students should return any hardware loaned through STEP either within two weeks of their graduation or within four years of the loan date, whichever is sooner. All students must complete the STEP Tech Return Certification to initiate the technology returns process and receive further instructions.

Check out STEP's In-Person Returns Guide or STEP's Mailing Returns Guide for more information.

For students who received a Wi-Fi hotspot during the 2020-21 academic year, you do not need to return the physical hotspot device. However, if you wish to transfer your service to a personal service plan, review these Instructions for Transferring Wi-Fi Hotspot to a Personal Service Plan.

Where can I learn about STEP's own program assessment? 

STEP publishes aggregated data on its applicant pool in real time.  Additional analysis on distribution progress, program outcomes, and more are forthcoming.  Learn about STEP's own program assessment here.