Objective 2020

 One IT will enable UC Berkeley to remain a great public research university and to solve the campus financial crisis.

In IT Together

Larry Conrad, AVC for IT and Chief Information Officer

We have had a very productive year both in implementing foundational tactics from the plan and actively communicating with many campus leaders to refine the plan. My thanks go out across the One IT community for your continued support and participation. Your dedication and engagement has led to great progress being made on many important Tactics, including rolling out CalNet 2-Step verification, the creation of the new Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) group, Computer Accessibility, Telling Our Story as IT Professionals, and Student Computing efforts, to name only a few. Please see the ReIT Tactics Dashboard for more information. We continue to add new, high-priority Tactics to the plan as we learn from IT departments about important work.

Recall that we began this work at a time when many executive leadership positions were in transition. Our strategy was to create the Reimagining IT strategic plan and have ideas ready to share with our new leaders once they were on board and up to speed. That strategy has worked well and we are encouraged that our new campus leaders have begun to define a 10-year Strategic Framework for UC Berkeley. We look forward to reviewing this in detail as it gets released to the campus. One thing seems clear: the responsibility to assess the associated impact on and needs for campus IT will land on the campus One IT community. This fall, we will be working with campus leadership and the One IT community to update the ReIT plan to incorporate the campus strategic framework, balance key campus priorities, and continue to strengthen our IT services.

We are all in this together.

Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer

July 2018

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