S1Teaching and Research: Support major campus teaching, research, and public service initiatives each year. Reallocate IT funding to strengthen our support of teaching, research, and student success. view tactics

S2Service EfficiencyMaximize the efficiency and effectiveness of IT security, infrastructure, enterprise systems, administrative tools, and user support. view tactics

S3Financial ModelEstablish a new IT financial model for the campus to improve the way funds for IT are generated and allocated. Evolve IT Governance to realize this new financial model. view tactics

S4OrganizationCreate the campus IT organizational model required to accomplish this plan. Support functional leadership of IT, and strengthen partnerships with colleges, schools, centers, and organized research units. view tactics

S5Campus User ExperienceTell our story. Make our services easier to discover and use. Improve the campus user experience. view tactics

S6IT WorkforceHelp One IT professionals develop skills to facilitate, broker, and integrate IT solutions for the campus community. view tactics

S7Diversity and Inclusion: Integrate equity, inclusion, and diversity into all areas of IT on campus by actively engaging UC Berkeley’s training programs, research, and principles of community. view tactics

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