Strategy 1. Teaching and Research

Tactics for Strategies

S1Teaching and Research

Support major campus teaching, research, and public service initiatives each year. Reallocate IT funding to strengthen our support of teaching, research, and student success.

Tactics for Strategy 1


Work Stage

Identify a governance body and a decision framework to help prioritize and allocate resources for research, teaching, and student success service improvement plans. Learn more


Closely align the teaching and research IT organizations to leverage resources in support of the teaching and research mission. Learn more

In Progress

Transform the entire student computing experience at UC Berkeley while reducing redundancy and creating new services that can scale across campus. Learn more

In Progress

Securing Research Data and Computation Learn more

In Progress

Pilot and launch an accessibility tool to remediate digital course content.


Digital Learning Strategy


Develop a comprehensive and coordinated consulting network among research and teaching service providers as well as a portal or service catalog tailored for specialized communities.


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