Strategy 3. Financial Model

Tactics for Strategies

S3Financial Model

Establish a new IT financial model for the campus to improve the way funds for IT are generated and allocated. Evolve IT Governance to realize this new financial model.

Tactics for Strategy 3


Work Stage

SLC to participate as "co-brainstorming" group with External Review consultants as they focus on 3 questions: What are IT public / common goods? What changes should be made to the funding model for IT? How should it be governed?

In Progress

Create and carry out a collective budget review and prioritization process for all campus-wide IT services for FY19, regardless of current org structure.


Conduct a comprehensive analysis of campus IT spend to lay a foundation for further organizational and financial decision-making.


Build a toolkit and models to evaluate IT revenue generation opportunities to determine if opportunity is worth pursuing. Rubric will include investment, cultural fit, capacity, skills set, market evaluation.


Use the Public Goods Working Group final report as a framework, and volunteer to lead development of a full set of IT services for consideration as public goods. Note: This tactic is contingent on the campus's decisions about the recommendations in the report.


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