Strategy 4. Organization

Tactics for Strategies


Create the campus IT organizational model required to accomplish this plan. Support functional leadership of IT, and strengthen partnerships with colleges, schools, centers, and organized research units.

Tactics for Strategy 4


Work Stage

Review with campus leaders three recommended organizational-financial models to decide how best to improve the organization and finance of IT for the campus: Option 1, 2, 3.


Put processes and governance in place to establish priorities, resource allocation, and accountability for collective decision-making to support the implemented organizational-financial model. This would include updating the charge and membership of IT committees such as ITC, ITLG, etc.


After review with campus leaders of the three Organizational-Financial Model Options, carry out a detailed assessment of the following factors for each of the options that the campus has approved for next step consideration: a) financial implications, b) organizational implications, c) change management implications, d) determine how each supports the Reimagining IT Strategic Plan.


Perform an analysis of what services should be run centrally vs. what should be run in the departmental IT, to inform the types of organizational changes that we will need to reduce redundancy and reduce cost. As part of this, consider more "clusters" of IT support teams that support common operations that could be part of central IT and/or local IT.


Design IT organizations in an intentional and thoughtful way so as to support such key strategies as service efficiency, staff development, and campus partnerships. That is, don’t just centralize several major organizations together without carrying out thorough organizational review and rebuilding.


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