Strategy 5. Campus User Experience

Tactics for Strategies

S5Campus User Experience

Tell our story. Make our services easier to discover and use. Improve the campus user experience.

Tactics for Strategy 5


Work Stage

Enhance and mature the knowledge base to enable better self-service and service-desk support. Learn more


Improve the IT Service Catalog informed by UX principles that includes all campus-wide IT services. Learn more

In Progress

Develop a “Telling our Story” Toolkit to help IT professionals across campus learn how to tell effective stories that showcase the value of their work and develop staff workshops to be held regularly. Learn more

In Progress

Create user/customer tracks at the One IT Summit beginning in 2018 to embrace an “IT for All” approach with our users.


Identify the top 5 services that will benefit from UX improvements and produce plans so that the service owners can improve the User Experience.


Create an editing pool of individuals willing to edit 1-2 stories per month. Participants should have their editing skills vouched for by other communications professionals / leadership.


Create usability checklist for assessment of campus systems and develop a quick UX assessment to be used by UX designers, service leads, and service owners that includes actions-for-improvement for campus systems, services, and websites.


Resource and staff a One IT Strategic Communication Team (a matrixed team of communication staff across One IT) to focus and amplify the impact of telling our stories.


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