Strategy 6. IT Workforce

Tactics for Strategies

S6IT Workforce

Help One IT professionals develop skills to facilitate, broker, and integrate IT solutions for the campus community.

Tactics for Strategy 6


Work Stage

Identify a high-level leader and the resources needed to develop and implement a One IT Workforce Strategy.

In Progress

Create a Berkeley equivalent of Harvard’s IT Academy: an in-house cooperative education program for IT professionals, and for the campus (“IT for All”), taught by UCB’s IT Professionals and others on the campus community. Call for early pipeline input and work.


Conduct additional workforce analyses to identify future demand and gaps to inform career path training programs and develop recruitment strategies.


Develop mechanisms to enable staff to explore and move between campus jobs more easily in order to support career growth and professional development.


Create a program that includes IT Talent Swap, mentorships, and internships so as to leverage existing campus expertise and facilitate a supply/demand type of exchange of IT skills.


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