Video Conferencing

Video conferencing continues to be an essential technology that enhances collaboration while reducing our travel costs and overall carbon footprint. It is also a critical tool used for telecommuting or working remotely. Our primary video conferencing options on campus include Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom, view the comparison table below to see which option is best for you and practice good video conferencing etiquette to host a great meeting.

Key Features

  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere via computer or smartphone.
  • Save on long-distance and international calling.
  • Reduce travel costs associated with in-person meetings.
  • Can be used with compatible conferencing room systems.
  • Reducing travel costs and overall carbon footprint.

New features and access now available due to COVID-19

  • Zoom Pro accounts (without add-ons) are now available for faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors due to instructional resilience coverage, free of charge. Faculty and instructors are encouraged to use Zoom Pro for instructional purposes. See: Instructional Resilience Resources. 
  • Hangouts Meet accounts now include advanced features through July 1, 2020 for all bConnected accounts, free of charge. 
  • Staff should use the video conferencing solution that works best for them, including Hangouts Meet or Zoom Pro to conduct remote work.
  • Students can use Hangouts Meet to create their own online meetings, or join a Zoom meeting without an account.

Compare Video Conferencing Options

I want to...

Hangouts Meet 

Zoom Pro (without add-ons)

Host an online meeting with audio, video, and chat

Up to 250 people with advanced features through July 1, 2020. Up to 100 people standard

Up to 300 people standard
>300 people available as add-on: view pricing

Host a large event/seminar

Live streaming up to 100,000 people with advanced features through July 1, 2020.

Instructors should book a virtual or in-person consultation. Staff can purchase add-on feature through Telecom Catalog. view pricing

Provide a dial-in phone number for attendees

Every meeting automatically includes its own dial-in number and dial-out capability for bCal events. 

Toll dial-in number included; toll-free number with additional charge for host. Staff can purchase add-on feature through Telecom Catalog. view pricing

Additional key features

Note: Google Hangouts Meet is a separate product from the older Google Hangouts video conferencing built into the Gmail web interface.

Know the cost

No cost to use Hangouts Meet. Cost is a part of our overall Google contract (included in the cost of IT Productivity Suite).

No cost for faculty, staff, GSIs to use Zoom Pro license without add-ons; additional add-on options available for purchase. view all pricing

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