IT Governance

UC Berkeley is complex in both its organization and its technology, requiring that competing information technology (IT) needs be carefully evaluated to ensure the optimal use of limited resources. IT Governance focuses on IT strategic planning, policies, priorities, resolution of chronic issues, and setting an agenda within a constrained budget environment.

To help UC Berkeley maximize its investment in information technology, we are proposing an IT governance model that is intended to:

  • Improve the integration of IT strategic planning with campus strategic plans and objectives;
  • Provide strategic direction and prioritization on critical IT issues and investments;
  • Ensure that IT strategy delivers benefit and provides value;
  • Establish IT policies that support campus-wide IT priorities;
  • Strengthen partnership and alignment across the campus IT community;
  • Ensure existing resources are being prudently invested.

The model shown below is draft only as work continues toward a final version. Contact Liz Marsh if you have questions about IT Governance.

Information Risk Governance Committee (IRGC)IT Architecture Committee (ITAC)Teaching and Learning and Research Committee (TLRC)Enterprise Applications Committee (EAC)Student Systems Executive Steering Committee (SSESC)IT Strategy Committee (ITSC)Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC)