Student Affairs IT (SAIT)

Meet Our Team

Anne Marie Richard

Anne Marie Richard

Associate CIO and Director, Student Affairs IT

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What We Do

Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT) provides technology leadership and support to the Division of Student Affairs; technical support, education, and hands-on learning and leadership opportunities for students; and student advocacy and engagement in campus technology development.

Our deep knowledge and understanding of students' and staff needs, coupled with our technical expertise, makes SAIT a trusted partner, committed to an excellent student experience. Our dedication, responsiveness, and commitment equip us to meet our customers’ evolving demands as we work collaboratively to serve students.

SAIT’s nationally-recognized student IT leadership program allows us to provide many of our services while training student employees and preparing them for professional roles after graduation. We also provide guidance and support to the Student Technology Council and the Student Technology FundRead this article about us in EdTech magazine or listen to this podcast interview to learn more about our commitment to student leadership in our work at UC Berkeley.

As an organization, we are committed to fostering a welcoming work environment with inclusive and high-performing teams. We are driven by a clear mission to make a meaningful impact on campus, and we enjoy what we do. SAIT has a strong, positive workplace culture and our staff take pride in SAIT being a great place to work.

Key Services

Student Helpdesk & Personal Device Support

Student Tech Services supports students by ensuring they have reliable network access and knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive technical support. We povide free-drop-in helpdesk support in multiple campus locations to assist all undergraduate and graduate students with resolving internet connectivity issues, installing free software, removing malware, fixing iClickers, finding printing resources, ensuring good information security, and utilizing legal services to get their music, movies, and other media.

Staff Desktop Support

The Desktop Support team supports all staff throughout Student Affairs with their technology needs. We provide Tier 2/3 support for desktops, laptops, tablets, and software. This includes troubleshooting and resolving issues as well as providing new solutions. We partner with IT Client Services for Tier 1 desktop support and the Information Security Office (ISO) for security risk mitigation efforts and to make sure staff are aware of safe computing practices. 

Information Security

SAIT's Strategic Initiatives Manager acts as the Unit Information Security Lead, responsible for monitoring and ensuring that information security activities are carried out within the Student Affairs Division. SAIT collaborates with the Information Security Office to provide information security awareness training, vulnerability scans and testing, policy alignment analysis of prospective vendors, coordination of response to security incidents, and consultation for business continuity/disaster recovery planning.

Development & Operations

The SAIT Development team manages, develops, and supports applications and proprietary platforms for student systems within the Division of Student Affairs. We monitor regular testing and maintenance of the applications, monitor program jobs (production and application processing), and provide custom software development and integrations with campus information systems.

The SAIT Operations team provides core system infrastructure, system administration, networking services, file share services, and information systems analysis for the Division of Student Affairs. Our work includes account provisioning, database services, file/print management, firewall services, infrastructure management, IT architecture, net services, wiring/cable planning, and support for Cal 1 Card, campus time clocks, and POS registers. We also provide application support to help students and staff with installing, using, or troubleshooting various applications such as the Cal1Card (University ID Card), Class Pass, Course Management System (CMS), Event Management System (EMS) and more. Visit the application support page in the IT Service Catalog.

Student Affairs Technology Procurement

SAIT and Student Affairs Procurement have partnered to clarify the technology procurement process, and empower Student Affairs units with the knowledge needed to efficiently obtain the software tools and technology necessary for their staff to successfully serve the student population, while ensuring contractual protections for university, staff and student data. Please see the Student Affairs Technology Procurement page for more information.