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IT Governance Committees

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Enterprise Applications and Data Committee (EADC)
Information Risk Governance Committee (IRGC)
IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (ITAIC)
IT Strategy Committee (ITSC)
Research, Teaching, and Learning Technologies Committee (RTLTC)

About Membership

IT Governance committee members are selected from a wide range of campus constituents chosen for their expertise in a given domain and/or their role in leadership.

Expectations of IT Governance committee members:

  • Understanding the committee-specific IT portfolios.
  • Commitment to a strategic, campus-wide perspective.
  • Active participation through collaboration and understanding of campus challenges and opportunities.
  • Willingness to work with others on prioritizing needs at an institutional level, in a resource constrained environment.

IT Strategy Committee (ITSC)up arrow

ITSC membership is designed to be representative of campus academic and administrative executive leadership. The ITSC works closely with the Executive Finance Committee on financial and budgetary issues as well as the EVCP Operations Group on policy-related topics. Learn more about ITSC.

Voting Members:

  • Tsu-Jae King Liu, TSMC Distinguished Professor in Microelectronics, Vice Provost for Academic and Space Planning, Chair
  • Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor-IT and CIO, Vice Chair
  • Co-Chairs, Teaching & Learning and Research Governance Committee
         - Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – Cathy Koshland
         - Vice Chancellor for Research – Randy Howard Katz
  • Co-Chairs, IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee
         - University Chief Technology Officer - Bill Allison
         - CIO & Assistant Dean, School of Law - Patricia Donnelly
  • Co-Chairs, Information Risk Governance Committee (one vote)
         - Chief Information Security Officer - Jeremy Rosenberg
         - Campus Privacy Officer - TBD
  • Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor - Administration
  • Rosemarie Rae, Vice Chancellor - Finance and CFO
  • Steve Sutton, Interim VC Student Affairs
  • Jeff Mackie-Mason, University Librarian
  • Cathryn Carson, Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Anthony Joseph, Academic Senate Committee on IT
  • Henry Brady, Dean, Graduate School of Public Policy
  • Irene Kim, Assistant Vice Chancellor Advancement, University Relations
  • TBD, Graduate Assembly President
  • Adnan Hemani, ASUC Representative

Enterprise Applications and Data Committee (EADC)up arrow

EADC membership is designed to be representative of campus functional administrative leadership and key campus stakeholder groups. Learn more about EADC.

Voting Members

  • Rosemarie Rae, Vice Chancellor - Finance and CFO, Chair
  • Patrick Schlesinger, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Administration and Compliance, Vice Chair
  • Jo Mackness, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
  • Laurel Halsey, University Health Services Administrative Director
  • Amber Machamer, Executive Director, Office of Planning and Analysis
  • Rosemary Kim, Executive Director, Advancement Operations
  • Andrew Goldblatt, Risk Manager
  • Peggy Huston, Chief Operating Officer, Campus Shared Services
  • Suzanne Sutton, Assistant Dean, College of Chemistry
  • Heidi Wagner, Assistant Dean, School of Social Welfare

Non-Voting Members

  • Lyle Nevels, Deputy CIO, IST

Information Risk Governance Committee (IRGC)up arrow

Committee membership is designed to be fully representative of the campus. Members are expected to be knowledgeable about campus culture regarding privacy, freedom of inquiry, and institutional risk tolerance. Each control unit executive must grant his or her IRGC appointees the authority to represent the views and priorities of their respective areas, and make information risk recommendations for the campus community. Learn more about IRGC.

View membership on IRGC Governance page

IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (ITAIC)up arrow

ITAIC membership is designed to be representative of campus IT leadership. Learn more about ITAIC.

Voting Members

  • Bill Allison, University Chief Technology Officer, Co-Chair
  • Patricia Donnelly, School of Law, Co-Chair
  • Lyle Nevels, Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT and Deputy CIO
  • Eric Fraser, College of Engineering
  • Kyle Pope, Letters and Sciences
  • Shawn Smith, Student Affairs
  • TBD, Library
  • Neil Maxwell, Research Administration and Compliance
  • JR Schulden, Information Services and Technology
  • Kevin Heard, School of Information
  • David Fullmer, School of Social Welfare
  • Jenn Stringer, Educational Technology Services
  • Jerry Yerardi, Campus Shared Services IT
  • Jeffrey Kreutzen, University Health Services IT
  • Jeff WangStudent Technology Council 


  • Dave Browne, Director Infrastructure Services, IST
  • Russ Connacher, Business Architect, IST
  • Gabriel Gonzalez, Chief Technical Officer, Berkeley Law Computer Services, Campus Representative to the ITLC's UC-wide IT Architecture Group
  • Jon Hays, bConnected-IST
  • Walter Stokes, Senior Manager, IST Database Services
  • Tom Tsai, API-IST

Research, Teaching, and Learning Technologies Committee (RTLTC)up arrow

RTLTC membership is designed to be representative of campus research and teaching functions. Learn more about RTLTC.

Voting Members

  • Randy Howard Katz, Vice Chancellor for Research, Co-Chair
  • Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, Co-Chair
  • Michael Boots, Academic Senate Graduate Council
  • Juana Maria Rodriguez, Academic Senate Undergraduate Council 
  • John (Jack) Colford, Academic Senate Committee on Research (COR)
  • TBD, Academic Senate Committee on Teaching (COT)
  • Tony Cascardi, Council of Humanities Social Science Deans (CoHSSD)
  • TBD, Council of Science and Engineering Deans (CoSED)
  • Alexandra Saum-Pascual, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Beth Dupuis, Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives and User Services
  • David Trinkle, Director, Berkeley Research Development Office
  • Cathryn Carson, Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Bob Jacobsen, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, College of Letters and Science
  • TBD, Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)
  • TBD, Graduate Assembly (GA)

Non-Voting Members

  • Jenn Stringer, AVC for Teaching and Learning and Chief Academic Technology Officer
  • Scott Shireman, CIO, University Extension