Student Affairs IT (SAIT)

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Who We Are

In Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT), our deep knowledge and understanding of students and staff needs, coupled with our technical expertise, makes SAIT a trusted partner, committed to an excellent student experience. Our dedication, responsiveness, and inclusive approach equip us to meet our customers’ evolving demands as we work collaboratively to serve students.

At the intersection of Student Affairs and Berkeley IT, SAIT is uniquely positioned to meet our partners where they are to ensure proper support and service excellence.

What We Do

SAIT provides technology leadership and support to the Division of Student Affairs; technical support, education, hands-on learning and leadership opportunities for students; and student advocacy and engagement in campus technology development.

SAIT’s nationally recognized student IT leadership program allows us to provide many of our services while training student employees and preparing them for professional roles after graduation. Read this article about us in EdTech magazine or listen to this podcast interview to learn more about our commitment to student leadership in our work at UC Berkeley.

As an organization, we are committed to fostering a welcoming work environment with inclusive and high-performing teams. We are driven by a clear mission to make a meaningful impact on campus, and we enjoy what we do. SAIT has a strong, positive workplace culture and our staff take pride in SAIT being a great place to work.

Core Values

Underlying our mission are values that guide how we work:

 We seek to listen, understand, empathize with, and prioritize our customers’ needs and concerns.  Sense of Community and Belongi