Pay IT Forward

What is Pay IT Forward? 

Pay IT Forward is the name of our One IT Appreciation Program and is sponsored by the CIO.  The program is structured so that recognizing your One IT colleague, manager, or student employee is fun, easy, and meaningful.

How does the program work?

  1. Fill out the thank you nomination form.

  2. Once processed, the person will receive a $25 gift card and your note of recognition.

  3. Your recognition note will also be passed to the recipient’s supervisor and the Technology Leadership Council so the organization's leaders can see our shining stars.

Most recent recipients:

Recipient's Name Recipient's Department
Cristóbal Olivares SAIT
Nathan Clark SAIT
Robert Lozano Haas IT
Peter Heckel Research, Teaching, and Learning
Miguel Rivas Haas IT
Joseph Mitola CITE
Robin Brooke Pappas Strategy & Partnerships
Tony Venuto CITE
Patricia Juarez CITE
Shirley Davis CITE
kimberley Pascual CITE
Sina Carroll CITE
Mike Valenza Campus Applications & Data
Steven Luo ISG EECS
Vivian Sophia ITCS
Steven Luo EECS

Why is appreciation important?

We know that between all our daily operations, it’s easy to move from one thing to the next without thanking the people who are making our work possible and our days better. Expressing gratitude makes people happier and healthier. At work, appreciation is a significant driver of job satisfaction and happiness, and engaged staff are more productive.

Learn More about Gratitude at Work

Program Contact

For questions about this program, email us at To send kudos to someone on campus who is not a One IT member, please visit the UC Berkeley Appreciate page.