Travel & Training

The IST Admin Support Team is available to help schedule and book all work-related travel and/or training. We also work with the IST Procurement Team once travel/training is completed for reimbursement of any approved expenses. Please contact us directly with any questions:

Travel/Training Requests

Before Travel

1. Complete the Travel/Training Request Form (this is a Google doc, please open the link then go to File > Make a Copy, save the new doc with your last name with the month/year of travel (i.e. Dunn0619). Fill out the form completely and attach to the BearBuy cart you create in the next step.  If you're seeking assistance with payment for a conference registration only (no lodging or meal expenses), the form is not required. 

2. Create a BearBuy cart using the Non-Catalog Form and complete the following information:

  • For supplier: add BluCard Tracking
  • UC Berkeley Project Manager: (this is a required field so please use: Stephanie Dunn / 510-642-0226 /
  • Installation date: (required field -- use today's date)
  • For the dropdown to describe the purchase: choose 'none of the above apply'
  • Item information: add your name and the title/dates of the conference 
  • Quantity: 1
  • Unit price: 'from your Travel/Training Request form'
  • Attach your Travel/Training Request form
Next, click on 'add and go to cart' in the top right hand corner and click 'go.'  On the next page it will bring you to your cart, in the top right hand corner choose 'assign cart' and search for your supervisor/manager.  

*Note that you only need one cart per trip and you'll want to hang on to the cart number for when it comes time to submit your reimbursement request.* 

3. Your supervisor/manager will route your cart to your unit's Budget Officer for budget check and approval. Directors who report to Jenn Stringer should have their carts routed to her. Directors who work in OCIO have their carts routed to either Jenn Stringer or Liz Marsh.

4. Note that cart approvals can take a few business days. Once the cart is approved and appears on our work-list, the Admin Team will reach out to you to confirm your travel plans and assist with flights/registration/rental car reservation. 

5. At this point, book your own lodging reservation and take note that there is a mandated lodging limit for domestic trips under thirty days which is set at $275 per night (excluding; taxes and fees). When you are unable to secure lodging at $275 per night or less, the traveler must submit additional documentation (in the form of a print-out price comparison within the proximity of the meeting at the time of booking) that supports the higher lodging rate incurred.

After Travel

1. Complete the Travel and Training Reimbursement Request. (This is a shared Google Doc. Please go to File>make a copy and save. Instructions under the "Travel & Training Request Form - help guide" tab below).

2. Email the following information to:

  • Name of Event
  • Bear Buy cart requisition number (your original cart for pre-approval)
  • Completed IST Travel/Training expense worksheet
  • Receipts (must show method of payment and zero balance)
    • Airfare
    • Car Rental
    • Lodging
    • Any single expense over $75
3. Other miscellaneous business expenses (e.g., Internet service, meeting supplies, etc.) are reimbursable and are not calculated against the $62 daily maximum for meals and incidentals.  For private car mileage, enter the number of miles to be reimbursed, the reimbursement amount is calculated automatically (employees receive 0.58 cents per mile). 
4. The reimbursement report will be sent to you and your manager via DocuSign for signatures. The Admin Team will communicate when the report is sent to Disbursements for processing and be aware that it can take up to 15 days to receive your reimbursement. 

Travel Related Websites

Travel FAQs

How do I submit a travel/training request in Bear Buy?

To submit a travel/training request, create a cart in Bear Buy, use the “Non-Catalog Form” and attach the Travel & Training Request Form

How do I submit a reimbursement request after returning from travel or training?

Email istadmin-help@lists.berkeley with your completed Travel/Training Reimbursement Expense Worksheet,attaching the required receipts and referencing your Bear Buy cart used for pre-approval.

How much am I able to spend on meals and incidentals per day when traveling?

When traveling within the United States, the maximum daily total for all meal costs is $62. These limits include the cost of food, beverages, labor, sales tax, delivery charges and other service fees.

Am I able to rent a full-size car?

Rental cars should be up to intermediate size only unless there is business justification or no extra cost to upgrade. If the justification is missing or insufficient, an exceptional approval will be required or the expense may be non-reimbursable.