Travel and Training

The IST Admin Support Team can help arrange all travel and/or training needs. Please contact us directly with any questions:

Travel Process - Steps:   

Before travel:

  1. Complete the Travel/Training Request Form (this is a shared Google form, please go to File>Make a copy and change the name of the form to fill in and submit your form).
  2. Create a Bear Buy cart using the non-catalog form, and add your completed travel/training request form as an attachment.
  3. Assign the cart to your Supervisor/Manager for pre-travel authorization. *Supervisor/Manager to route cart to unit's Budget Officer for budget check and approval.
  4. Directors route all travel authorization requests to Lyle Nevels (Deputy CIO) for approval. 

After travel:

  1. Complete the Travel and Training Reimbursement Request (instructions under the "Travel & Training Request Form - help guide" tab below).
  2. After travel or training, submit the following information to :
  • Name of Event.
  • Bear Buy cart requisition number.
  • Completed IST Travel/Training expense worksheet (instructions under the "Travel/Training Reimbursement Expense Worksheet" tab below).
  • Receipts (showing method of payment or credit card statement).

Required Receipts:

  • Airfare or Connexxus confirmation (if Procurement booked the flights).
  • Car Rental.
  • Lodging.
  • Any single expense over $75.

Helpful Tips:

  • Daily maximum for meals and incidentals is $62.
  • There is a mandated lodging limit for domestic trips under thirty days which is set at $275 per night (excluding; taxes and fees).  When the traveler is unable to secure lodging at $275 per night or less, the traveler must submit additional documentation (in the form of a print-out price comparisons within the proximity of the meeting at the time of booking) that supports the higher lodging rate incurred.
  • Other miscellaneous business expenses (e.g., Internet service, meeting supplies, etc.) are reimbursable and are not calculated against the $62 daily maximum for meals and incidentals.
  • Receipts require a zero balance.
  • Travel Reimbursement may take up to 15 business days from the date the report is submitted to Travel.

Travel & Training Request Form - Help Guide:

For all travel, please complete the Travel & Training Request Form (this is a shared Google form, please go to File>Make a copy and change the name of the form to fill in and submit your form).

Please include:

  • Unit — Select from the drop down menu.
  • Name of Event — Provide name of the event or training course.
  • URL — Include a link to registration page/info here (needed if Procurement is purchasing registration).
  • Purpose — Include the business purpose.

Cost Estimates:

Estimate all expenses that will be incurred, including expenses that will be reimbursed. Meals and incidentals are reimbursed with a maximum of $62 per day. To estimate airfare, visit the Connexxus Travel Services page, here.

Action Items:

  • Check the appropriate box to choose items that need to be arranged by the IST Procurement Team. Attach this form to a purchase request and submit for approval.
  • For airfare, please include all specifics (full legal name, birthday mm/dd/yyyy, preferred airline, preferred flights, seating choice, etc.).
  • For rental car bookings, please include all specifics (car choice, special accommodations, etc.).
  • Once form is completed, save and attach to the BearBuy cart set up for the associated trip/training.  The line items on the purchase request should correspond with the airfare and registration.
  • Submit the travel/training purchase request with the BearBuy cart. Use the Non-Catalog form for all travel requests and assign cart to appropriate L2 manager.
  • Procurement Staff only process forms when the Department Budget Officer has approved them.

Reimbursement Expense Worksheet - help guide:

For any reimbursements from travel or training, complete the Travel/Training Reimbursement Expense Worksheet (this is a shared Google form, please go to File>Make a copy and change the name of the form to fill in and submit your form).

Traveler / Trip Information:

Please complete all fields and include:

  • Name of Event — Provide name of the event or training course.
  • Purpose — Include the business purpose.
  • Date/Time of Departure/Arrival — To accurately calculate eligible hours for reimbursement.
  • City of Residence / Vehicle License # / Liability Insurance — Include only if a personal vehicle was used and mileage is being claimed for reimbursement.
  • Receipts - Submit all receipts with Reimbursement Expense Worksheet.

Location Expenses — Transportation:

Private car mileage

Enter the number of miles to be reimbursed, reimbursement amount calculates automatically (employees receive 0.58 cents per mile). 

Other transportation expenses

Select type of transportation from drop-down menu, and enter reimbursement amounts. If additional fields are needed, total remaining expenses and select “other” from the drop-down menu, and enter total.  Use the comments field to explain the “other” additional charges.  

Location Expenses – Miscellaneous:

Include any other miscellaneous charges paid out of pocket.  Select type of expense from drop-down menu and enter reimbursement amounts. If additional fields are needed, select “other” from the drop-down menu and enter total remaining expenses, using the comments field to explain additional charges.  

Daily Expenses:

Meals and incidentals

Enter meals and incidentals being claimed for reimbursement. If claims exceed the daily maximum of $62, enter amount in the “comments” section, explaining the additional charges.  Depending on the nature of the expense, the reimbursement may require additional approval.


Enter the daily rate lodging total (including all taxes); please do not include other incidentals (telephone, room service, etc.).  Lodging invoice must show a zero balance.

Electronic Funds Transfer for Reimbursements

For non-payroll related reimbursements, Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way to receive a reimbursement. EFT payments are directly deposited into a bank account up to seven days before a paper check is dispersed. For information on setting up an ETF account, please refer to the EFT website.

Entertainment Request Form:

Entertainment is the provision of meals or refreshments for UC Berkeley business purposes, with no personal benefit to the host or other University employees. IST/OCIO requires prior approval for any entertainment expenditures.

To be reimbursed for entertainment expenses, an employee must complete the Entertainment Request Form.  Please complete this form, obtain the authorization from your Supervisors or Managers and attach the completed/signed form to your Bearbuy Cart cart prior to any entertainment event. More information regarding UC Berkeley entertainment policies and guidelines can be found at the UC Berkeley Travel Services web page.