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CIO Update: Oct. 8, 2021


Thank you, I appreciate the hard work all of you do and Staff Appreciation week is one way that the campus says thank you too! It is coming up fast, October 18-22, and there are both virtual and in person events. The one I am looking forward to the most is “Sound Healing” on Monday, October 18th which should be a wonderful hour of self care.

Thank you for joining us at the CIO Forum on Tuesday, ICYMI: slide deck | zoom recording. Here are a few highlights:

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM)

You likely received the campus-wide message from CISO Allison Henry and I last week about October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM). This year's theme is Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart. Here are the three top things you can do right now to help protect your devices and data:

  1. Use Duo to Push an approval request

  2. Do the “Minimum” Security Standards

  3. Sign up for FREE LastPass Premium

We encourage you to visit our Cybersecurity Awareness Month page for events happening throughout the month (being added to the One IT calendar) and additional resources, including simple online safety habits and steps you can take.

IT Strategic Plan Update

A continuing part of our monthly CIO Forum is getting updates from our One IT colleagues on priorities outlined in the strategic plan. Casey Hennig, Interim Program Manager for our strategic plan, provided a status update on the work being done to hold success discussions for the top priorities in the plan. Those discussions should be wrapped up in November then we will be inviting departments to participate in our FY23 planning during December and January. 

This month’s strategic plan project spotlights included the “Cost Containment for Box & Google” presented by Luis O. Hernández Muñiz, Director of Productivity and Collaboration Services and Mira Roseman, Project Manager. Greg Merritt, DevOps Lead for the Digital Transformation Institute, also shared progress on the College of Engineering’s “Support for AI/ML Research.” Be sure to watch the zoom recording to catch all of these great presentations!

What I’m reading and watching

I finished a fantastic book of short stories called Afterparties,' by Anthony Veasna So. He grew up in Stockton, CA and unfortunately died of drug overdose before this book was published. The stories are about the Cambodian community in the central valley and remind me a little of some of Gary Soto’s short stories of growing up in Fresno in the 1960’s. Anthony was a Stanford graduate and a voice silenced too soon. I’m also binge watching the latest season of Never Have I Ever (TV series)

New Job Postings

More jobs continue to be added as we continue our ODP journey! View all positions and recruiting status on the ODP Jobs page. Here are the latest positions posted this week:

Upcoming Events

Just a note: there will not be a CIO Update next week so I’ll see you all again when I return to sending these messages on Oct. 22.

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CIO Update: Oct. 1, 2021 


Happy October! It’s mind boggling to think it is already fall and pumpkin spice everything is once again in our midst. Whether you love it or hate it, that fall smell of cinnamon and spices is out there!

Thanks again for your input during last week’s all staff meeting when we did a breakout session asking people for words and phrases that describe who we are; what we do; why we do it; and the value we bring to campus. Here are the word clouds we put together using the input from our community. We are analyzing the words and phrases that bubbled up and we will be drafting our mission statement next. Stay tuned!

ODP Year-in-Review

With us reaching the month of October, we are hitting a one-year milestone with our ODP work. I am most pleased with the fact that we’ve met our goal of no layoffs for our ODP work and there are no layoffs in our current ODP plans The only way we were able to accomplish this is by strategically not filling positions that were vacant during the spring and summer. This allowed us to assess where individual roles or teams would be redesigned and aligned for best work and efficiency in the organization and to protect jobs. 

At the start of our Organizational Design Project we formulated a guiding principle that we would “communicate, communicate, communicate.” In that commitment to transparency we have shared with our entire IST family the project news, decisions, and actions as soon as appropriate, both in my Friday email updates as well as at our Managers and All Staff Meetings. 

One challenge with this commitment to transparency is that information can appear fragmented - it becomes difficult to see the forest for the trees. This is why, at the one year anniversary(!) of the project, I want to take a step back and walk you through the highlights of what has been achieved by ODP so far. 

  • Nov. 2020: IT Organization strengths and weaknesses survey sent to all OCIO/IST, RTL and SAIT staff members to provide the opportunity for input.

  • Nov. 2020: OCIO/IST Action Team is engaged to ensure that equity and diversity lenses are applied to our project decision-making processes.

  • Feb. 2021: 12 weeks of weekly meetings with all IST, SAIT and RTL Directors to work through challenges and opportunities for reshaping our IT organization.

  • June 2021:Our new functional organization structure and the Executive Leadership Team (ExLT)  is announced at our All-Staff Meeting.

  • July 2021: Recruiting starts for two new leadership positions: the Executive Director of Campus IT Experience and the Director of People, Performance and Culture. Both roles are scheduled to be filled by the end of Oct. 2021.

  • July 2021: As part of the new organization structure, the concept of cross-functional Agile Collaborative Teams (ACTs) is introduced at the all staff meeting.

  • Aug. 2021: The ExLT starts working with Directors and Managers to finalize the design of each functional unit to include every individual contributor.

  • Sept. 2021: Recruiting for additional ODP-critical roles is gaining momentum; job descriptions for new positions are being written, approved positions are being posted, and reclassifications are being drafted. This effort will continue until the end of the project, in Dec. 2021.

  • Sept. 2021:Berkeley IT, the new name for our organization is announced at the all staff meeting.

  • Starting Aug. 2021: Teams transitioning to different functional units are being announced as they are implemented: 

    • Imagine Document Management & Workflow Team moved Productivity and Collaboration Services.

    • Engineering and Integration Services and the SIS Data and Reporting Team moved to Enterprise Data & Analytics.

    • The Enterprise Data & Analytics moved to the new Enterprise Applications and Data unit.

    • The Billing Team is moving to the new Business Operations unit.

New Job Postings

There are now 11 open positions currently accepting applications and 5 positions in the review stage of the hiring process. Huge shoutout to Clarissa Fermin who has been working diligently on all these job postings. Three new positions were added to the ODP Jobs page this week:

Important Dates

As a reminder, these weekly CIO Updates are archived here if you ever want to refer back to them. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

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CIO Update: Sept. 24, 2021 


I’m so excited we have a new name for our organization! I shared a sneak peek at yesterday’s all staff meeting: Berkeley Information Technology

Berkeley Information Technology wordmark

We will begin to use this name in January when we officially launch our organization. Take a look at the all staff slide deck to view the new branding and to get an overview on how we arrived at our new name. The zoom recording is also available here. A huge shoutout to Rita Rosenthal for her diligence, creativity, and politicking to get our name through the public affairs approval process. The 266 people in the meeting were also invited to take part in an exercise to help build our mission statement. We asked people for words and phrases that describe who we are; what we do; why we do it; and the value we bring to campus. You can provide your input here too!

IT Strategic Plan Update

Our Data Center & Cloud Strategy Project is in full swing. The goal is to produce a roadmap that will guide our way to a new computational infrastructure model that will critically support UC Berkeley's position as one of the world's top-ranked research universities for the next decade. We have partnered with Deloitte, who are currently interviewing a broad range of executive, operational IT, and academic stakeholders across campus, as well as UC-wide. My gratitude goes out to everyone who has made time in their schedules to provide input and expertise for this important initiative.

ODP Updates

  • Terence Phuong, Executive Director of Business Operations, announced some upcoming transitions for his team at yesterday’s all staff meeting. Including moving the billing team from Telecom into the Business Ops group.

  • ODP Jobs continue to be posted and progress made in several recruitments. A new position posted this week: Application Administrator (7309U) #24323. The second round of interviews for the Executive Director of Campus IT Experience are underway and the hiring committee kick-off meeting for the PP&C Director is scheduled for next week.

What I’m reading and watching

I read an awesome article in the Wall Street Journal about innovation New Research Busts Popular Myths About Innovation. Research is showing that “innovation” isn’t luck or personality, but it is a learnable process and a lot of it is predictable. The article references the work of an MIT lab and this paper in particular Technological improvement rate predictions for all technologies: Use of patent data and an extended domain description. I also have to point out that you can read the actual article because it is licensed under creative commons (WooHoo for open access efforts!).

Important Dates

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CIO Update: Sept. 17, 2021 


With another crazy week gone by, I am happy to report that the Wi-Fi issues have been resolved. The amazing network team has worked with the campus Wi-Fi vendor and campus stakeholders to monitor and check the Wi-Fi infrastructure and faculty/student experiences while using Wi-Fi. Much gratitude and appreciation for the diligence and dedicated work from everyone who has been involved in supporting this major incident. The team and I met with the CEO of Aruba today to discuss next steps on strengthening our partnership and connecting with other universities to improve our Wi-Fi.

On Tuesday, President Drake was the featured speaker at the UC Town Hall, moderated by UC Davis CIO Viji Murali and incoming UC CIO Van Williams. If you weren’t able to attend, the recording will be available on the UC IT Town Hall website. He spoke about the importance of technology and cybersecurity as well as about his plans for the system.

There are still openings to join me for coffee (or tea) on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 11 a.m. Sign up here to connect with me directly, ask questions, or provide me with feedback.

2850 Telegraph Move Update

For those of you who will be working at 2850 Telegraph, I want to thank the Move Committee for compiling a handy 2850 Telegraph Orientation GuideBe sure to reference it as you return to the office to answer important questions like: Where can I hotel? How do I print? What are my parking and transportation options? Where’s a good place to eat nearby?

Join the Action Team - there’s still time!

Join the Action Team! The deadline to submit your application has been extended to Wednesday, Sept. 22. Feel free to reach out to any action team members if you have questions or send an email to

Progress on our IT Strategic Plan

We’ve begun success discussions with our leads for the FY22 priority initiatives. These discussions help check in on the health and progress of projects outlined in our IT Strategic Plan. As you know, our plan is built by several departments in our One IT community, 23 departments total who list their top priorities each year. Each month at our CIO Forum, we have a project spotlight for one or two) of our top IT Priorities to share status updates. Here’s a list of those priorities, visit the One IT website to browse presentation materials.

  • Digital Learning Strategy

  • Student Tech Equity

  • Research Cybersecurity

  • UC Library Search

  • Strategically Aligned IT Organization

  • Accessible Digital Tools and Content

  • Campus IT Governance

  • Enable One IT Professionals

  • Campus-wide Cybersecurity Implementation

  • Improving the Campus Wi-Fi Experience

  • Data Center / Cloud Services Strategy and Roadmap

  • Enabling a Successful Return to Campus

  • Cost Containment for Box and Google

Status of ODP Open Positions

Exciting progress is being made as the search committee is finishing up their first round of interviews this week for the Executive Director of Campus IT Experience. One more position was added to the ODP Job page since last week’s update:Applications Programmer 3 (7300U) #23407. Additional positions are in the process of being approved, we will continue to keep you posted. 

What I’m reading and watching

I just finished Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro. I highly recommend it! It is a deceptively simple story told from the point of view of an “Artificial Friend” (AF) AF’s are androids that are designed to companion lonely, genetically enhanced, children being taught by virtual tutors. It was published during the pandemic. It explores what it means to be human and what it means to sacrifice. 

My guess is many of you have already binge watched The Chair on Netflix. Sandra Oh is fantastic in the dramedy about being the first woman Chair of the English Department of a small liberal arts college. It gets a lot of things right about higher education… and some things not quite, but still funny and a unique show.  

Important Dates

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CIO Update: Sept. 10, 2021 


First, I have to say I am thrilled that UC Berkeley was recognized by Forbes as the #1 College in the country! Why Berkeley Is Number One talks about our rich history of supporting innovation and social change. The biggest deal is that we beat out a bunch of private elite schools for the spot. Many of us came to Berkeley and continue at Berkeley because we are committed to the mission and to public education.

I met with our Student Technology Council for the first time this semester! We have an amazing group of new members. The students shared their start of semester experiences with us and how technology has helped and hindered their experiences. Not surprisingly, Wi-Fi was discussed, but another interesting issue came up around printing and the renewed need for affordable student printing now that faculty are again asking for some assignments to be turned in hard copy rather than electronically. The good news is that there is a group looking at the future of the Pharos print service now being run by RTL. The membership includes SAIT, RTL, Library, Law and they are investigating the current state of student printing on campus and developing models to present to leadership for future service options.

We continue to ride a wild wave of activity as we move further into the fall semester. There have been several hot topics this week:

  • Ongoing Wi-Fi major incident - Yesterday we saw that the fixes the vendor has provided is providing stability for our Wi-Fi network! We are still encouraging on the ground reporting so that we can understand the user experience in buildings and elsewhere on campus. The vendor still has not solved or fixed all of the root causes of the problems, therefore we are implementing some emergency strategies to support instruction. A big thanks to ITCS, SAIT, and RTL who have collaborated toward some solutions to provide emergency support for instruction. Subscribe to receive real-time alerts on this issue or check progress anytime on the System Status page

  • UCOP WEX account email message - You may have seen a message in your inbox you weren’t sure what to do with, short answer: no action is needed. The message was sent in error from UCOP, as described in Eugene Whitlock’s message that went to all staff and faculty yesterday.

  • City of Berkeley Health Order - Effective starting TODAY, the City of Berkeley has implemented a new health order which will require proof of vaccinations for patrons and employees of certain businesses - including gyms and places that serve food and drink indoors or hold events with 1,000 or more persons. As a result, staff members at certain campus services or events with indoor food/drink or gym services will need to start checking proof of vaccination of patrons 12 years and older before allowing indoor entry. Students’ campus access badge on their mobile device showing the student is green (cleared) is also acceptable.

We covered all of these topics in yesterday’s CIO Open Forum: view slide deck | watch the video

What I’m reading and watching

I’m currently digging into Her Body and Other Parties. A book of short stories by Carmen Maria Machado that has elements of Sci-fi and horror. She takes the short story to a new level!!! Speaking of horror, I saw that RTL has a book club going right now on Mexican Gothic. Also a great read in the gothic/horror genre. The female protagonist is memorable.

ODP Open Positions

Here is a list of positions currently open and accepting applications. View all positions in progress here

Important Dates

There are still openings to join me for coffee (or tea) on Monday, Sept. 13 at 9 a.m. or Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 1 p.m. Sign up here to connect with me directly, ask questions, or provide me with feedback.

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CIO Update: Sept. 3, 2021 


Wow! Week two of the fall semester got off to a running start. We had an amazing presentation by faculty member Zach Pardos on his research on the impact of COVID on student engagement and academic progress. Many of you tuned in to hear about his work and how the teams from RTL and IST have supported his research. 

We also dealt with campus Wi-Fi connectivity issues that impacted instruction. Huge shout out to the networking team who has been working diligently with the vendor to troubleshoot the issue and has stabilized the campus Wi-Fi. You can follow the details here. I also want to give a big shout out to the ITCS and SAIT help desks for their support throughout this incident. FYI, this handy Wi-Fi maphas been updated to include all the upgrades completed to date, outdoor spaces where you can find a connection.

I met with the Action Team and they provided some great input on the qualities they would like to see in our Executive Director of Campus IT Experience. Some of my favorite quotes were from Caroline Boyden who asked for a “generous collaborator” and Colette Jackson who spoke of the importance of ensuring support for our staff and their wellbeing. “If we take care of our staff, our staff will take care of our customers.” 

Speaking of the Action Team, you have one more week to submit your application to join the Action Team. Feel free to reach out to any action team members if you have questions or send an email to I hear their Open House events were well attended!

What I’m reading and watching

I was fascinated by the NYT interactive article discussing name signs in the deaf community. It talks about the name sign given to VP Kamala Harris, but I thought the most important and meaningful part of the article was the video interviews of people sharing their name signs and how they got them. 'It's Who I Am': Why Name Signs Matter in ASL

We have new job postings this week and we continue to post our ODP positions on the website ODP Job Opportunities | Technology @ Berkeley

Important Dates

I would love for you to join me for Coffee with the CIO on Sept. 13 at 9 a.m. or Sept. 21 at 1 a.m. This is a great way to connect with me informally, ask any questions you may have, or provide feedback to me directly. Don’t worry, it’s fine if you drink tea, water, or whatever your beverage of choice may be!

As we celebrate and observe Labor Day on Monday, I’m hoping you have some rest and relaxation carved into your plans. Have a great lonnnng weekend!

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CIO Update: Aug. 27, 2021 


Today at 5 p.m. our “no fly zone” (the ~ two weeks before fall semester starts when we put a freeze on IT system changes in order to minimize potential disruptions during this peak time of activity) will end. Of course, while we work to minimize campus disruption on the IT side, the campus kicked off the instructional year in true Berkeley style with three protests on campus. The largest one blocked Sather Gate and campus rerouted students to get to their classes. Hats off to UCPD who kept a low profile and our Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office who provided staff to support students in their quest to find an alternate route to their classrooms. 

I want to give a shoutout to everyone I’ve seen on campus lately! It’s been so great to see your faces in person and it really warms my heart to feel the energy of the campus all abuzz with activity, especially when I stopped by the Academic Innovations Studio (AIS) and our new drop-in IT support location in Dwinelle earlier this week. Also, it was great to see Margaret Chester at 2850 continuing to make the space look amazing! Finally, seeing many SAIT staff at their welcome fall lunch on Wednesday was a highlight! Much gratitude to everyone who is on campus supporting the kickoff of fall semester!

On Monday I attended the Deans and chairs retreat and I was gratified to hear our Provost, Cathy Koshland, speak about the importance of investing in IT and how our new governance process will support those conversations! 

“The core of the way we teach and do our research is so dependent on [IT and digital resources]...thinking strategically about what we invest in is going to be important...[We are ] setting up a governance strategy for dealing with some aspects of this and I think over the next couple of years this is going to be an incredibly important strategic conversation for us.” 

Many of you were able to join our monthly All Staff meeting yesterday, if you missed it, here are the materials: slide deck | zoom recording

At the Enterprise Ops meeting on Wednesday, some interesting metrics were shared about our support for the new semester. Whew! 

  • The new drop-in IT support location in Dwinelle had 34 visitors since it opened on Aug. 18 with a good mix of faculty, staff, and even some students! ITCS and SAIT have been collaborating to be sure our campus community is well supported.

  • RTL’s classroom team is doing fantastic work as instruction began Wednesday. Some highlights of classroom support metrics since July 1, 2021:

    • 120 Total; 114 Closed - Tier 1 (support) tickets

    • 185 Total; 170 Closed - Tier 2 (engineering) tickets

    • 96 Total Consultation tickets (~25 unable to accommodate due to availability of staff)

    • ~100 Equipment Request tickets

  • Wi-Fi usage reached 25,000+ Peak users, 7Gb/s Peak throughput.

  • UHS has conducted 17,000 covid tests on campus over the last week.

  • The highest usage of the Berkeley Mobile App in a single day was 13,505 unique users, of which 56% utilized the campus access badge. 

  • The Productivity & Collaboration team has received 6,323 student requests for Adobe CC handled by SN.

What I’m reading and watching - I found the Chronicle of Higher Ed’s article on freshman Exhausted but Optimistic: a Portrait of This Year's Incoming Freshmen enlightening. More than half of the students surveyed reported a substantial increase in mental/emotional exhaustion as a result of the pandemic. But at the same time, 47% were “very optimistic” that their first-year of college would be a success. — That’s kind of the way I feel too! I'm a little tired, but I know that this year will be successful for UC Berkeley.

As mentioned last week, I did tune into A virtual keynote with Karla Cornejo Villavicencio sponsored by On The Same Page. Here’s the recording of the keynote. It was an interview style keynote with actor and immigration advocate Diane Guerrero who has written her memoir In the Country We Love - Wikipedia about her family's deportation. 

Now, just for fun…last weekend, I plowed through The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid that is on the New York Times best sellers list: The book is fluff and intrigue in the bygone era of big picture movie studios. Starlets, movies, death, and love!

Job openings - Last week I shared this new jobs page we built on the ODP website to keep you updated on new listings and where we are in the process. These are positions specific to the ODP work of restructuring our organization. You can also browse this full list of IT jobs that are available campus-wide.

OCIO/IST Action Team is recruiting - If you’re interested in helping to make our organization a more welcoming and inclusive place, join the Action Team. This group, led by co-chairs Irma Donaldson (Telecom) and Robert Rainey (ITCS), is now accepting applications through Sept. 10. There was an information session held this morning and another scheduled for Monday, Aug. 30, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (add to bCal) to provide an opportunity for you to ask several existing members questions about the Action Team. Join them in this important work! 

Important Dates

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The students have arrived! and are getting settled in on campus signaling summer coming to an end. I hope for those of you who have young ones at home, the transition back to in-person schooling is going smoothly. 

Last week I shared a piece on “pandemic flux syndrome” Perspective | Why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious. This week I encourage you to read Yasmin Anwar’s interview with UC Berkeley psychology professor Robert Levenson: Why does it still feel so complicated to get back to ‘normal’? Pandemic cave syndrome explained

Our campus vaccination numbers are looking really AMAZING! In fact, UC Berkeley has reached its goal of having more than 90% of the campus population vaccinated. UCOP considers 90% a fully vaccinated campus, our overall campus vaccination rate now sits at 91.3%. As of this morning, here’s a screenshot of the numbers:

screenshot of COVID vaccination dashboard

Dashboard – Immunization • UC Berkeley Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and resources

The campus is also sending out individual messages to all faculty, staff and students who are out of compliance with our vaccination mandate encouraging them to become compliant and listing out the progressive discipline measures if they do not. Bottom line is all IST staff need to be compliant even if you are fully remote.  

Summer is winding down and there are still a few folks taking some time off to reboot. We’ve received some really great photos and stories about what members of our community have been doing for fun this summer. During our Aug. 26 OCIO/IST All Staff (at 2 p.m.), we will be sharing stories of your travels or staycations this summer. Submit this brief form to let us know what you did for fun along with photos that capture the moment. You can also post your photos on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #UCITBlog and/or #UCITSummerFun to be included in a future UC IT blog article.

What I’m reading and watching

I finished the Undocumented Americans, which is  our camus “On the Same Page” featured book for this year. It is written with a true millennial voice. I will be tuning into her keynote today at 4pm!  A virtual keynote with Karla Cornejo Villavicencio | On The Same Page

For those of you who are Sci-Fi fans… I’ve been binge reading the Hugo-award winning Wayfarers series. I finished The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet and am now immersed in A Closed and Common Orbit. I am loving this amazing “world building” series with a great inclusive cast of characters and stories.  

Finally I’m watching the Video:Return to campus, explained (employee edition). It tells you most everything you need to know in less than two minutes!

Drop-in IT support for faculty/staff now available in Dwinelle Hall - Thanks to Jerry Yerardi and his team, drop-in technical support is now available, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for faculty and staff in Dwinelle Hall, Room 128, across from the Academic Innovation Studio. You can also contact the ITCS Service Desk (510-664-9000, option 1) or submit a ticket (often the fastest) to help investigate something that stops working. Please note in your request if you cannot come to an IT support location and we will do our best to visit your location. Also, see student tech support locations and hours

ODP Status - As we move into the fall semester, ODP has concluded its first workstream of Phase 4. The focus is now squarely on our next two workstreams. First, the members of the ExLT are working with Directors and Managers to finalize the design of their functional units to include each and every individual contributor. Second, recruiting for leadership positions as well as other ODP-critical roles is now gaining momentum; job descriptions for new positions are being written,approved positions are being posted, and reclassifications are being drafted. These activities will carry us well into November, and closer to the official launch of our new IT organization! I am super excited to share that the Director of People Performance and Culture was posted yesterday. We are putting together the search committee now and the position is posted here: Director of People, Performance, and Culture (0563U) #22714

ODP Transitions - Effective in September, Engineering and Integration Services and the SIS Data and Reporting Team will report to Danny Grieb, Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics. This new data solutions organization will be a valued strategic partner to campus in accessing, sharing and analyzing campus’s rich information assets. I’m very excited about this change! Data is at the heart of the “next generation value” that IT brings to the campus research and teaching mission and this new team is poised to move the needle in this space on campus.

Important Dates

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CIO Update: Aug. 13, 2021


This week’s update is focused on back to school, with students arriving on campus next week! Here are the top “to do'' items in pre-preparation for fall semester startup:

All of these items were discussed during yesterday’s One IT CIO Forum, thank you for joining us. For your reference the forum materials are here: view slide deck | watch zoom recording

  • What I’m reading and watching

    • The Washington Post had a great piece on the “pandemic flux syndrome” Perspective | Why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious. It really described how many of us are feeling about the change to a more “in person” life. 

    • I also watched this awesome Campus Conversation from Monday wherecampus health experts Anna Harte, Guy Nicolette, Art Reingold and John Swartzberg had a discussion around the changing COVID landscape and what it means for the UC Berkeley community, and beyond. I made my husband watch it with me ;-) really useful information.

  • ODP Transitions - The Imagine Document Management & Workflow Team, led by Vahid Nadi, will begin reporting to Productivity and Collaboration Services (PCS), led by Luis O. Hernández, effective Sept. 5. The Imagine Team previously reported through PCS, so this is a "welcome home!" for the team and folds another set of tools and services that are offered campus-wide into the PCS group. The transition allows us to think more comprehensively about some of the major services available widely. Although Enterprise Applications (EA) is sad to see them transition, both EA and PCS look forward to continued strong collaboration so we can provide campus with high quality services.

Additional updates this week:

  • Budget - Later today we will have our budget meeting with VC Marc Fisher to review our FY22 budget (including funding requests). Thanks again to our Finance team for all their hard work in getting our financial package submitted.

  • New IT job postings - This link takes you to all IT-related job postings available at UC Berkeley. Next week, we plan to share a new page on the ODP website where we will maintain a list of jobs that are available specific to our ODP work. New opportunities will continue to arise as we reconfigure our organization.

  • Cal1Card and card readers - There are currently two functional and valid designs for the Cal 1 Card. As the new card was rolled out, we learned they interact with some campus card readers a little differently. Cal 1 Cards printed on or after July 1, 2021 with the new design need to be held approximately one inch away from card readers for a successful scan.

  • Software updates - A new Pronouns feature is now available in Zoom. Google launched a new calendar RSVP option which assists with hybrid meetings by allowing attendees to reply if they will join virtually or in a meeting room. Google will also be applying a Drive security update on Sept. 13.

  • Important Dates

There may still be a few of you taking some time off before leaping into fall semester. During our Aug. 26 OCIO/IST All Staff, we hope to hear about your travels or staycations this summer. Please submit this brief form to let us know what you did for summer fun along with photos or videos that capture the moment. You also have the option to share your photos with the entire UC IT community on a future blog post. Photos for the UC IT Blog can be emailed to Jeane Blunt at You can also post your photos to Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #UCITBlog and/or #UCITSummerFun.

See you next week - Go Bears!

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CIO Update: Aug. 6, 2021


We are starting the countdown for the start of the semester! New students begin moving in on August 16th and the first day of instruction is Wednesday, August 25th. Our “Brace for Impact” group is meeting to help monitor our support response and many of our staff are returning to campus to support the increased number of faculty, staff and students on campus.

I know anxieties are increasing, both at home and at work, as we learn more about the Delta variant of COVID. The campus is under an indoor mask mandate as of this week. The reported vaccination rate for our campus (students and employees) is about 80%. That's a good strong figure and may decrease some anxiety about exposure. UCOP guidance was just released and they consider 90% a fully vaccinated campus. The combination of face coverings, increasing vaccination rates, testing, and consistent hand-washing, and facility maintenance are the current ways our community is working together to reduce the spread. Please continue to check the return to campus website for all the latest details. 

If there's anything we've gotten used to, it's change. Some of you who signed Flexible Work Arrangements may be realizing that things haven't played out exactly as you expected, back when you and your supervisor agreed on a particular arrangement. Please remember that FWAs were designed to be flexible, and can be revised. I encourage you to talk to your supervisors if you have questions or concerns about your own arrangements.

This week’s updates:

  • The Finance Team has been working hard to submit our budget and they have loaded everything into Cal Planning. We're submitting our FY22 financial package this week and will meet with VC Fisher on August 13th to review our FY22 budget including funding requests.

  • I met with several deans this week including the Dean of Extended Education, the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division, and the Dean of the College of Engineering. I continue to hear how grateful they are for our work and support during the pandemic!

  • ODP is continuing to move forward and we have begun the hiring process for a number of positions. Many of these are positions that have been vacant because of retirements and departures and some are new/recrafted positions to the organization. The Executive Director of Campus IT Experience search committee kicked off this week! Of special note in this week’s campus IT job postings are roles to support Productivity and Collaboration Services. As part of ODP, they have reorganized to better support their growing services. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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CIO Update: July 30, 2021


As July comes to a close, you may be wondering: where did that month go? We are heading into August, and with it, continuing to ramp up for fall return. Please continue to check the return to campus website for all the latest details. 

Some of you have taken a summer vacation or have one scheduled soon. During our Aug. 26 All Staff, it would be fun to hear about your travels or staycations this summer. Please submit this short form to let us know what you did on summer vacation along with photos or videos that capture the moment that we will add to the slide deck. I am so excited to hear about your adventures!!

This week’s updates:

  • Fall prep - Today we kicked off a series of weekly meetings scheduled from now through the end of September with the focus: Brace for Impact. The team is a cross-collaboration between SAIT, RTL, ITCS, ISO, Telecom Support Services (TSS), and Productivity & Collaboration Services. The goal is to increase awareness around all technical issues to minimize the impact on our campus partners. Sally Baker will lead the discussion as the team identifies trends in data, communicates with each other about issues, and makes recommendations as we prepare for and respond to campus needs for Fall semester.

  • Agile Collaborative Team (ACT) - at our last all staff meeting, Liz Marsh and I provided information about what an ACT is, what an ACT does, and a high-level process map. We have added a new page to the ODP website for reference including questions that came through the chat during the meeting.

  • Emergency Funding Approved for Student Access to Software - Earlier this week I shared the good news about the Chancellor’s commitment to finding emergency funding for the 2021-22 academic year to support student access to the Microsoft and Adobe software that was previously covered by the Student Technology Fee (STF). Conversations with student leadership are ongoing to discuss strategies for long-term sustainable funding for software and other technology costs that have been covered by the STF during its seven-year history.

  • Google Drive Security update - Google will apply a Drive security update on Sept. 13, 2021. They will directly email the owners of the files impacted by this update (some of you may be included) with more specifics.

  • What I’m reading and watching - A new part of my updates will share info on articles, books, or other materials I am reading or the latest streaming series or movies I am watching. I am currently reading The Undocumented Americans, by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio which is the book of the year for Berkeley’s On the Same Page program,, giving new students (and everyone else!) at Cal something to talk about. This program began in 2007 in the College of Letters & Science. And, speaking of reading and libraries, a reminder about some fantastic free resources you have for your reading or viewing pleasure, provided by our very own UC Berkeley Library:

    • UC Library search - The new platform, launched on July 27, makes it easier for you to find and borrow resources from libraries not just at Berkeley, but across the University of California system.

    • Video streaming portals - Provide access to watch documentaries, classic films and more!

  • Upcoming events and important dates

Have a nice weekend!

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CIO Update: July 23, 2021


We are making good progress on ODP as we finalize Phase 4a where we announced the big picture of our new organization and continue onto the next phases in our workstream. We have multiple parts of Phase 4 that are all happening in tandem as we continue to build the new Executive Leadership Team (Phase 4b). 

We already have several promising external and internal applicants for the Executive Director of Campus IT Experience position. Application review will begin in early August with a plan to hold first round interviews later in the month. The process will include an open presentation that all OCIO/IST staff will be invited to attend. We hope to have the Director of People, Performance & Culture position posted in early August. Designing the new units and assigning all staff is the focused work of Phase 4c and already well underway. 

Phase 4 Detailed Design: Workstream Schedule

Phase 4 Detailed Workstreams

In the fall you will see the formation of our first Agile Collaborative Teams (ACTs) discussed at yesterday’s all staff meeting (view deck and zoom recording). ACTs are cross-functional teams charged with exploring a critical strategic challenge that will transform the way we work and/or deliver services. 

Additional updates:

  • IT Governance - this website has been updated to include the information Liz Marsh presented at this month’s CIO Forum

  • IT Change FreezeAug. 16-27- This freeze enables us to provide optimal IT service and systems performance for our campus and minimize potential disruptions during this peak period of activity when our services are in greater demand. 

  • Return to Campus - I recognize that information on returning to campus, masking requirements, etc. are challenging to keep up with. I would encourage you to continue to check this website for all the latest information.

  • Upload your vaccine info - Don’t forget to upload your vaccination info even if you don’t plan to be on campus! The effective date for policy compliance is Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, two weeks before the UC Berkeley fall term begins. Log into the eTang Portal | Quick reference guide

  • Be a Wi-Fi ambassador - For the best and most secure connection, eduroam is the primary Wi-Fi service for access to the campus network. Please help share this information with your teams and campus customers you support.

Next week I’ll be starting to hold regular meetings with deans across campus. This is my opportunity to share our IT strategic plan and all the great work you are doing plus hear from them about what their needs are and how we can support their work.

More on that in the weeks to come!

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CIO Update: July 16, 2021


For those of you who returned to campus this week, I hope your transition has been going well. If you are on campus today, be sure to join in the special celebration being held from noon-2pm for staff and faculty on Sproul Plaza. I plan to attend! The event will include free ice cream, music and a brief program at 12:15 p.m. I plan to attend! Hope to see you there.

I also invite you to watch this short video that honors and praises the efforts of staff and faculty during the pandemic (the music choice is excellent!!).

We have compiled the final results of the return to work survey we sent out in May. A total of 299 OCIO/IST staff members responded to the survey. Here is a snapshot of the timeframe when people are planning to return to campus as well as the days of the week people plan to be on campus: 

 1) shows future months when staff plan to return to campus 2) shows which days of the week people plan to be in the office

Other updates:

  • Remember the Return to Campus website is updated regularly and your one-stop for everything you need to know if you are planning to work onsite. 

  • For the best and most secure connection, eduroam is the primary Wi-Fi service for access to the campus network. This has changed since we were all on campus and there are important steps to take to set up the connection. Please help share this information with your teams and campus customers you support.

  • With the COVID-19 vaccine being mandated on campus, I encourage everyone to upload their proof of vaccination in eTang even if you are not planning to ever be on campus. Our numbers depend on our percentage of those who update their vaccine records. For those who will be on campus, the effective date for policy compliance is Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, two weeks before the UC Berkeley fall term begins. Log into the eTang Portal | Quick reference guide

  • ICYMI: VCA Flexible Work Town Hall on July 6: watch the video

  • On Tuesday, we held another ODP retreat with the Executive Leadership team and directors to begin to refine the next level of the organization.  Among other things, we are having conversations about the various ways we can engage staff in the feedback and decision processes that will be part of Phase 4.

  • Registration is now open for the UC Tech 2021 conference being hosted by UCLA Aug. 9-11. The event will be 100% virtual and the theme is Envisioning the Future of ITCheck out the schedule | Register today

A presentation on Agile Collaborative Teams (ACTs) is on the agenda for next week’sAll Staff Update on July 22 at 2 p.m. ACTs are cross-functional teams charged with exploring a critical strategic challenge that will transform the way we work and/or deliver services.

Hope to see you there!

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CIO Update: July 9, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Over the last two weeks, I held 11 Q&A sessions to connect with every OCIO/IST unit after announcing our new organizational structure on June 24. I appreciate your participation and all of the thoughtful questions you asked during those meetings. We compiled those questions and have added several of them to the ODP website FAQs for future reference. 

Additional updates this week:

  • Welcome back - for those of you returning to campus next week, I’m sure it will be quite an experience to walk familiar paths. I know as I returned a couple of weeks ago there were a lot of emotions with the realization of how much has changed and what has stayed the same. I am looking forward to seeing you all again! Be sure to visit the Return to Campus website for everything you need to know. Please submit your Flexible Work Agreement (FWA) asap as they are due Monday. The FWA form along with instructions was sent via email by Liz Marsh on July 1. 

  • Job postings - I’m excited to announce the Executive Director of Campus IT Experience position was posted last week. We have added a link to all IT job postings to our ODP website for easy access or you can always browse the listing here:

  • ICYMI - CIO Forum on July 8: slide deck | zoom recording

  • All Staff Update on July 22 at 2 p.m. - Mark your calendars for our next all staff gathering where we will discuss ACTs (Agile Collaborative Teams). ACTs are cross-functional teams charged with exploring a critical strategic challenge that will transform the way we work and/or deliver services.

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CIO Update: June 25, 2021

Dear colleagues, 

I want to thank you for joining us at yesterday’s all staff meeting. I understand change can be challenging especially after the past year we have all come through, but I am very excited about moving ahead with our new organizational structure and next steps in our ODP journey. In the months to come, we will be bringing new leadership on board to oversee the Campus IT Experience and the People, Performance and Culture units, and continuing to do the detailed design work needed in Phase 4.

We covered quite a bit, so I’m sending along all the materials from the meeting and providing information on next steps:

  • All Staff meeting materials - Zoom recording | slide deck

  • ODP Website - The content on the ODP website has been updated to reflect where we are today, provides the updated timeline, FAQs, and more. 

  • Continuing the conversation - You have several options for asking questions on ODP topics:

    • If you have questions about your specific situation, it is best to address them with your manager or director.

    • Over the next two weeks we are hosting Q&A sessions with all units.

    • Bring your questions to the monthly All Staff, July 22 is our next meeting.

    • Or, you always have the option to email questions to Gert Reyaert,

  • Next steps - As discussed, all of the Phase 4 work we have between now and December will be done in tandem with multiple workstreams. Here’s a snapshot of what’s next:

    • Hiring two leadership positions: Campus IT Experience; People, Performance and Culture - Having these positions filled is estimated to be finalized in October. Having the full Executive Leadership Team in place will help us finalize the detailed design of our organization with a goal of having most other staffing decisions completed by November.

    • Further development of Agile Collaborative Teams (ACT) model - More information will be shared during the July 22 All Staff.

I hope you enjoy the long weekend as we observe UC Berkeley’s first official Juneteenth holiday together. 

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CIO Update: June 18, 2021

Dear colleagues, 

This is the first in a series of email communications I’ll be sending as a way for me to continue to keep our community updated on news, announcements, and other timely information, including but not limited to ODP topics.

Here is the latest this week:

  • Organizational Design Project (ODP) - I’m looking forward to sharing updates on our ODP work during our OCIO/IST All Staff on June 24 at 2 p.m. (check your bCal). We are ready to announce some decisions that have been made, as well as next steps as we continue Phase 4 of our project.This is an important meeting to attend, so please plan to join us.

  • Return to campus - The voluntary return to campus started on Wednesday. You probably saw the message from Eugene outlining the rules staff on campus must follow. Many of you have asked if you need to return to campus between now and July 12, the short answer is no. Existing remote work agreements for IS&T staff will remain in place at least through September. Please work with your supervisor to determine if your role requires you to work on campus between now and September and on what schedule, or if you have any changes to your current remote work arrangements. FAQs specific to OCIO/IST | return to campus website

  • You Rock IT! Awardees - Last week I sent a note with kudos to all those who have received a SPOT award in FY21. If you would like to thank or celebrate a colleague throughout the year, you can nominate them through our Pay IT Forward program. Even a quick shoutout on Slack is a great way to make someone’s day. 

  • FY22 One IT Strategic Plan - On June 9 we gathered the One IT community to celebrate our accomplishments over the past year and to chart our path forward together. The updated strategic plan was presented along with new IT priorities. Then I moderated an insightful panel discussion with campus leaders on the role of technology and the IT community in enabling the campus’ response to the pandemic. view slide deck | watch video 

I hope you’ll take a moment for reflection and remeberance on Juneteenth, a new national holiday and the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.Please visit UC Berkeley’s Juneteenth Website for more info and ideas on what you can do to honor the day.

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