CIO Updates

CIO Update: July 30, 2021


As July comes to a close, you may be wondering: where did that month go? We are heading into August, and with it, continuing to ramp up for fall return. Please continue to check the return to campus website for all the latest details. 

Some of you have taken a summer vacation or have one scheduled soon. During our Aug. 26 All Staff, it would be fun to hear about your travels or staycations this summer. Please submit this short form to let us know what you did on summer vacation along with photos or videos that capture the moment that we will add to the slide deck. I am so excited to hear about your adventures!!

This week’s updates:

  • Fall prep - Today we kicked off a series of weekly meetings scheduled from now through the end of September with the focus: Brace for Impact. The team is a cross-collaboration between SAIT, RTL, ITCS, ISO, Telecom Support Services (TSS), and Productivity & Collaboration Services. The goal is to increase awareness around all technical issues to minimize the impact on our campus partners. Sally Baker will lead the discussion as the team identifies trends in data, communicates with each other about issues, and makes recommendations as we prepare for and respond to campus needs for Fall semester.

  • Agile Collaborative Team (ACT) - at our last all staff meeting, Liz Marsh and I provided information about what an ACT is, what an ACT does, and a high-level process map. We have added a new page to the ODP website for reference including questions that came through the chat during the meeting.

  • Emergency Funding Approved for Student Access to Software - Earlier this week I shared the good news about the Chancellor’s commitment to finding emergency funding for the 2021-22 academic year to support student access to the Microsoft and Adobe software that was previously covered by the Student Technology Fee (STF). Conversations with student leadership are ongoing to discuss strategies for long-term sustainable funding for software and other technology costs that have been covered by the STF during its seven-year history.

  • Google Drive Security update - Google will apply a Drive security update on Sept. 13, 2021. They will directly email the owners of the files impacted by this update (some of you may be included) with more specifics.

  • What I’m reading and watching - A new part of my updates will share info on articles, books, or other materials I am reading or the latest streaming series or movies I am watching. I am currently reading The Undocumented Americans, by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio which is the book of the year for Berkeley’s On the Same Page program,, giving new students (and everyone else!) at Cal something to talk about. This program began in 2007 in the College of Letters & Science. And, speaking of reading and libraries, a reminder about some fantastic free resources you have for your reading or viewing pleasure, provided by our very own UC Berkeley Library:

    • UC Library search - The new platform, launched on July 27, makes it easier for you to find and borrow resources from libraries not just at Berkeley, but across the University of California system.

    • Video streaming portals - Provide access to watch documentaries, classic films and more!

  • Upcoming events and important dates

Have a nice weekend!

Warm regards,


CIO Update: July 23, 2021


We are making good progress on ODP as we finalize Phase 4a where we announced the big picture of our new organization and continue onto the next phases in our workstream. We have multiple parts of Phase 4 that are all happening in tandem as we continue to build the new Executive Leadership Team (Phase 4b). 

We already have several promising external and internal applicants for the Executive Director of Campus IT Experience position. Application review will begin in early August with a plan to hold first round interviews later in the month. The process will include an open presentation that all OCIO/IST staff will be invited to attend. We hope to have the Director of People, Performance & Culture position posted in early August. Designing the new units and assigning all staff is the focused work of Phase 4c and already well underway. 

Phase 4 Detailed Design: Workstream Schedule

Phase 4 Detailed Workstreams

In the fall you will see the formation of our first Agile Collaborative Teams (ACTs) discussed at yesterday’s all staff meeting (view deck and zoom recording). ACTs are cross-functional teams charged with exploring a critical strategic challenge that will transform the way we work and/or deliver services. 

Additional updates:

  • IT Governance - this website has been updated to include the information Liz Marsh presented at this month’s CIO Forum.

  • IT Change Freeze Aug. 16-27 - This freeze enables us to provide optimal IT service and systems performance for our campus and minimize potential disruptions during this peak period of activity when our services are in greater demand. 

  • Return to Campus - I recognize that information on returning to campus, masking requirements, etc. are challenging to keep up with. I would encourage you to continue to check this website for all the latest information.

  • Upload your vaccine info - Don’t forget to upload your vaccination info even if you don’t plan to be on campus! The effective date for policy compliance is Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, two weeks before the UC Berkeley fall term begins. Log into the eTang Portal | Quick reference guide

  • Be a Wi-Fi ambassador - For the best and most secure connection, eduroam is the primary Wi-Fi service for access to the campus network. Please help share this information with your teams and campus customers you support.

Next week I’ll be starting to hold regular meetings with deans across campus. This is my opportunity to share our IT strategic plan and all the great work you are doing plus hear from them about what their needs are and how we can support their work.

More on that in the weeks to come!

In partnership,


CIO Update: July 16, 2021


For those of you who returned to campus this week, I hope your transition has been going well. If you are on campus today, be sure to join in the special celebration being held from noon-2pm for staff and faculty on Sproul Plaza. I plan to attend! The event will include free ice cream, music and a brief program at 12:15 p.m. I plan to attend! Hope to see you there.

I also invite you to watch this short video that honors and praises the efforts of staff and faculty during the pandemic (the music choice is excellent!!).

We have compiled the final results of the return to work survey we sent out in May. A total of 299 OCIO/IST staff members responded to the survey. Here is a snapshot of the timeframe when people are planning to return to campus as well as the days of the week people plan to be on campus: 

 1) shows future months when staff plan to return to campus 2) shows which days of the week people plan to be in the office

Other updates:

  • Remember the Return to Campus website is updated regularly and your one-stop for everything you need to know if you are planning to work onsite. 

  • For the best and most secure connection, eduroam is the primary Wi-Fi service for access to the campus network. This has changed since we were all on campus and there are important steps to take to set up the connection. Please help share this information with your teams and campus customers you support.

  • With the COVID-19 vaccine being mandated on campus, I encourage everyone to upload their proof of vaccination in eTang even if you are not planning to ever be on campus. Our numbers depend on our percentage of those who update their vaccine records. For those who will be on campus, the effective date for policy compliance is Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, two weeks before the UC Berkeley fall term begins. Log into the eTang Portal | Quick reference guide

  • ICYMI: VCA Flexible Work Town Hall on July 6: watch the video.

  • On Tuesday, we held another ODP retreat with the Executive Leadership team and directors to begin to refine the next level of the organization.  Among other things, we are having conversations about the various ways we can engage staff in the feedback and decision processes that will be part of Phase 4.

  • Registration is now open for the UC Tech 2021 conference being hosted by UCLA Aug. 9-11. The event will be 100% virtual and the theme is Envisioning the Future of IT. Check out the schedule | Register today

A presentation on Agile Collaborative Teams (ACTs) is on the agenda for next week’s All Staff Update on July 22 at 2 p.m. ACTs are cross-functional teams charged with exploring a critical strategic challenge that will transform the way we work and/or deliver services.

Hope to see you there!

In partnership,


CIO Update: July 9, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Over the last two weeks, I held 11 Q&A sessions to connect with every OCIO/IST unit after announcing our new organizational structure on June 24. I appreciate your participation and all of the thoughtful questions you asked during those meetings. We compiled those questions and have added several of them to the ODP website FAQs for future reference. 

Additional updates this week:

  • Welcome back - for those of you returning to campus next week, I’m sure it will be quite an experience to walk familiar paths. I know as I returned a couple of weeks ago there were a lot of emotions with the realization of how much has changed and what has stayed the same. I am looking forward to seeing you all again! Be sure to visit the Return to Campus website for everything you need to know. Please submit your Flexible Work Agreement (FWA) asap as they are due Monday. The FWA form along with instructions was sent via email by Liz Marsh on July 1. 

  • Job postings - I’m excited to announce the Executive Director of Campus IT Experience position was posted last week. We have added a link to all IT job postings to our ODP website for easy access or you can always browse the listing here: 

  • ICYMI - CIO Forum on July 8: slide deck | zoom recording

  • All Staff Update on July 22 at 2 p.m. - Mark your calendars for our next all staff gathering where we will discuss ACTs (Agile Collaborative Teams). ACTs are cross-functional teams charged with exploring a critical strategic challenge that will transform the way we work and/or deliver services.

In partnership,


CIO Update: June 25, 2021

Dear colleagues, 

I want to thank you for joining us at yesterday’s all staff meeting. I understand change can be challenging especially after the past year we have all come through, but I am very excited about moving ahead with our new organizational structure and next steps in our ODP journey. In the months to come, we will be bringing new leadership on board to oversee the Campus IT Experience and the People, Performance and Culture units, and continuing to do the detailed design work needed in Phase 4.

We covered quite a bit, so I’m sending along all the materials from the meeting and providing information on next steps:

  • All Staff meeting materials - Zoom recording | slide deck

  • ODP Website - The content on the ODP website has been updated to reflect where we are today, provides the updated timeline, FAQs, and more. 

  • Continuing the conversation - You have several options for asking questions on ODP topics:

    • If you have questions about your specific situation, it is best to address them with your manager or director.

    • Over the next two weeks we are hosting Q&A sessions with all units.

    • Bring your questions to the monthly All Staff, July 22 is our next meeting.

    • Or, you always have the option to email questions to Gert Reyaert,

  • Next steps - As discussed, all of the Phase 4 work we have between now and December will be done in tandem with multiple workstreams. Here’s a snapshot of what’s next:

    • Hiring two leadership positions: Campus IT Experience; People, Performance and Culture - Having these positions filled is estimated to be finalized in October. Having the full Executive Leadership Team in place will help us finalize the detailed design of our organization with a goal of having most other staffing decisions completed by November.

    • Further development of Agile Collaborative Teams (ACT) model - More information will be shared during the July 22 All Staff.

I hope you enjoy the long weekend as we observe UC Berkeley’s first official Juneteenth holiday together. 

In partnership,


CIO Update: June 18, 2021

Dear colleagues, 

This is the first in a series of email communications I’ll be sending as a way for me to continue to keep our community updated on news, announcements, and other timely information, including but not limited to ODP topics.

Here is the latest this week:

  • Organizational Design Project (ODP) - I’m looking forward to sharing updates on our ODP work during our OCIO/IST All Staff on June 24 at 2 p.m. (check your bCal). We are ready to announce some decisions that have been made, as well as next steps as we continue Phase 4 of our project.This is an important meeting to attend, so please plan to join us.

  • Return to campus - The voluntary return to campus started on Wednesday. You probably saw the message from Eugene outlining the rules staff on campus must follow. Many of you have asked if you need to return to campus between now and July 12, the short answer is no. Existing remote work agreements for IS&T staff will remain in place at least through September. Please work with your supervisor to determine if your role requires you to work on campus between now and September and on what schedule, or if you have any changes to your current remote work arrangements. FAQs specific to OCIO/IST | return to campus website

  • You Rock IT! Awardees - Last week I sent a note with kudos to all those who have received a SPOT award in FY21. If you would like to thank or celebrate a colleague throughout the year, you can nominate them through our Pay IT Forward program. Even a quick shoutout on Slack is a great way to make someone’s day. 

  • FY22 One IT Strategic Plan - On June 9 we gathered the One IT community to celebrate our accomplishments over the past year and to chart our path forward together. The updated strategic plan was presented along with new IT priorities. Then I moderated an insightful panel discussion with campus leaders on the role of technology and the IT community in enabling the campus’ response to the pandemic. view slide deck | watch video 

I hope you’ll take a moment for reflection and remeberance on Juneteenth, a new national holiday and the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Please visit UC Berkeley’s Juneteenth Website for more info and ideas on what you can do to honor the day.

In partnership,


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