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Make It a Habit! Eight Habits to Keep You Safe Online

Be Sure You're Secure

One way to simplify cybersecurity is to focus on just a handful or two of good habits that can help protect you across a variety of situations.

Centralized Support for UC Researchers

Centralized Support for UC Researchers

Campus CIOs have recognized the value of research IT and are supporting the development of programs to support research in a more centralized and organized way.

Stepping Up to Better Security

Stepping Up to Better Security

UC Berkeley recently completed a whirlwind project to enroll all 25,000 staff and faculty into its 2-Step verification program.

UC IT Town Hall - Recording Now Available

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Dr. Kyle Lewis, professor of Technology Management at UC Santa Barbara, spoke on the traits of effective teams and how to become a successful teammate.

Leading from the Middle

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How often do you say, “This drives me crazy! Someone should fix it.”? Well, how about you?

Gmail Logo

Learn How to Opt-In

Google has released a new version of Gmail that you can start using now with your Berkeley Account.