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Register for the One IT Summit

Register for the One IT Summit

Registration is now open for the One IT Summit! The theme this year is Inspiring Collaboration & Innovation and the program we have put together aims to do just that! Space is limited so please register by Thursday, May 24.


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How might one measure the social cost of carbon? This is the question that brought more than 20 climate scientists, economists, data analysts, engineers, and researchers together at the Climate Impact Lab.

Gmail Logo

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Google has released a new version of Gmail that you can start using now with your Berkeley Account.

Enabling Cars to See at Berkeley DeepDrive

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Lazar Supic’s work has taken a path that began with computer vision in robots, moved to gamma-ray tracking in atomic reactions, and now focuses on machine learning for automotive perception.

New Student Financial Aid Subject Area in Cal Answers

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Student Financial Aid accommodates data from both the Student Information Systems and the legacy system ProSAM.

UC Cyber Security Summit

UC Cyber Security Summit

Join colleagues from throughout the University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges to discuss news, information, and insights about cybersecurity and cyber-risk management.