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Student Technology Fund's (STF) grant application is now open!

Any student, staff or faculty member is eligible to submit a proposal for consideration, the deadline to submit project proposals is Oct. 7.

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Register for the Cyber Security Summit on Oct. 23 at UCSB

Topics include the growing global challenges posed by deepfakes and phishing, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of machine learning and AI.

Advocacy Guidelines at UC Berkeley

Advocacy Guidelines at UC Berkeley

Learn about the legal restrictions on the types of political activities campus employees can engage in on behalf of UC Berkeley.

Phishing for Gift Cards

Phishing for Gift Cards

Be on alert: he campus has seen an increase in these types of phishing attacks the past few months.

Make It a Habit! Eight Habits to Keep You Safe Online

Be Sure You're Secure

One way to simplify cybersecurity is to focus on just a handful or two of good habits that can help protect you across a variety of situations.