Entertainment is the provision of meals or refreshments for UC Berkeley business purposes, with no personal benefit to the host or other University employees. Reasons for entertainment; business meeting hospitality, prospective donors/employees/student appointees, visitors/guests/volunteers, or a Dean’s event. IST/OCIO requires prior approval for any entertainment expenditures.

Entertainment Request Process

To initiate a request, complete the Entertainment Request Form and guest list to the best of your ability and email the form to: istadmin-help@lists.berkeley.edu. Requests should be emailed to IST Admin Support at least two weeks before the event is to occur. Note that requests received later than this deadline will not be prioritized. 

The Admin Team can assist with; filling in any missing info on your form (i.e. chart-string), creating the Bear Buy cart, placing catering orders and routing the form for approvals via DocuSign. The Admin Team will work directly with the requestor on logistical details once the event is approved. 

What meetings qualify for Berkeley- paid catering or services?

  • Morale building events:  you may request catering (within the limits found on the ENT form) for events for your teams when there are exceptional circumstances.  Morale building events always require the approval of our AVC & CIO.
  • Business meetings:  meeting with external constituents who have flown in, unusual and/or extended IT issue (service interruption) which requires (for example) all hands on deck in which taking time off for a meal impacts University business. Other meetings that might involve non-Berkeley visitors (such as from other campuses).
  • Department quarterly meetings: light refreshments at an all-hands meetings which can occur 3-4 times per year for a unit.
  • All Day-Staff Retreats (+6 hours)

What Meetings Are Not Eligible for Catering?

  • Team meetings
  • Standing or regular meetings with team or campus participants (e.g. regular project meetings).

View UC policies on  business meeting, entertainment and other occasion expenditures