IST Buildings and Equipment

IST Building Locations:

  • Banway: 2111 Bancroft Way
  • Shattuck: 2484 Shattuck Ave.
  • Telegraph: 2850 Telegraph Ave.
  • Warren Hall/Hearst: 2195 Hearst Ave.

Mail & Deliveries:

Mail is delivered and picked up during the following:

  • Banway:  9:30 – 10 a.m. and  2:30 – 3 p.m.
  • Hearst: 9 – 9:30 a.m.
  • Shattuck: 9 – 9:30 a.m.

Mail Code Directory

DepartmentLocationMail code
CIO–Office of the CIO 2195 Hearst 4878
IST–Office of the Deputy CIO 2195 Hearst 4878
IST–Application Services Banway 4880
IST–Client Services 2195 Hearst 4872
IST–Client Services 2484 Shattuck 4892
IST–Client Services Banway 4882
IST–Client Services Evans 4852
IST–Research Information Technologies(RIT); IST-Enterprise Data 2195 Hearst 4876
IST–Data Services Banway 4886
IST–Infrastructure Services 2195 Hearst 4874
IST–Infrastructure Services 2484 Shattuck 4894
IST–Infrastructure Services Banway 4884
IST–Infrastructure Services Evans 4850
IST–Social Science Computing Lab (SSCL) Banway 3820

FedEx coordinators can help you send documents and packages via the IT Fed Ex account:

Building IST FedEx Coordinator
2484 Shattuck Warehouse staff:
Margaret Chester, phone: (510) 642-4422,
Brett Bibeau, phone: (510) 643-8374,
Chris Bartlett, phone: (510) 642-8203,

Keys and Access:

Request Keys:

The IST Keys and Access Department handle all access requests via

Requests for office keys and access to restricted areas is granted with supervisor or manager approval. Cubicle keys and cabinet keys are provided as needed. 

Building Access:

The Cal 1 ID Card is the “key” used to access buildings. All IST employees working in 2195 Hearst and 2484 Shattuck, are given access to the entrances and common spaces. 

2111 Bancroft (a.k.a. the Banway Building) is locked at all times, employees use the phone outside the main entrance to call their contact to enter. Once in the building, the east fourth and fifth floor stairwell door locks have card readers granting entry to those floors. The elevator requires a key to access the fourth and fifth floors. To request an entrance or elevator key, please email

New or Lost Cal 1 ID Card:

Please visit the Cal 1 Card website to obtain a new or replacement card.  Please email the new card number so appropriate building access can be assigned to the card:

IST Data Center Access - Unrestricted:

Please email the Data Center directly with question about access: To request Data Center access, employees must open a Footprints ticket by emailing

New Hires, Contract Staff, Student Staff, Affiliates and Guests:

New Full-Time Career IST Employees:  Notify the IST Keys and Access Department three days in advance of the new employee's first day to ensure access is granted on their Cal 1 ID Card. Please email employees full name, ID number, and where access is required to:

Contract Staff:    Provide employee’s full name, supervisor’s name, name of the company they work for, date of termination, and the type of access required. Keys and/or temporary access cards are issued within three business days. 

Access to Security-Sensitive Areas:  To grant access to Telecom Rooms and Equipment Storage Areas, IST Keys and Access requires a copy of the employee's background check. Campus Lock Box keys, Cyber Keys, alarm codes, and extensive card access will be issued upon the UCPD Crime Prevention Unit’s approval.

Student Staff:  Email full name, Cal 1 Card ID card number, and date of termination. Students are not allowed access to Telecom Rooms or similar security-sensitive rooms across campus.

Affiliate Staff and Guests:  Email full name, department name, Cal 1 ID card number and the access expiration date.  

Guests and outside affiliates:  Email full name, business/organization name, and the access expiration date. A temporary access card or keys will be prepared for pick-up. 

When leaving employment with UCB:

As per per UCPD policy, all keys, Cal 1 Cards, or temporary access cards must remitted to IST Keys and Access on or before the last day of employment.  Cubicle and cabinet keys may be left at the location.

Lost Keys and Cards:

Staff must notify their supervisor and/or IST Keys and Access immediately when keys, or cards used as kesy are lost. A Lost Key Report must be submitted to the UCPD. 

Available Conference Rooms:

Conference Rooms

Most conference spaces are available by adding the room to your bCal meeting invitation. For assistance in reserving a room contact



NamePhoneAirBearsRoomLocationCapacityRoom Facilities
Bancroft Large Conf Room (510) 642-1597 Yes 441B 2111 Bancroft 10 at table, 25 max in room printable whiteboard; conference phone
Bancroft Small Conf. Room N/A Yes 409C 2111 Bancroft 4 at table whiteboard
Banway 3rd floor Conf. Room - updated info needed/julie     350E      
Bancroft 4th Floor Conf. Room (510) 643-8047 Yes 450A 2111 Bancroft 10 at table whiteboard; conference phone
Bancroft 5th Floor Conf. Room (510) 642-4667 Yes 525 2111 Bancroft 8 at table, a few extra seats on sides whiteboard; conference phone

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Earl Warren Hall  

NamePhoneAirBearsRoomLocationCapacityRoom FacilitiesNetwork Cable ID
Hearst  --101A Conf. Room ** (510) 643-6877 Yes 101A 2195 Hearst 20 at table; 18 chairs around room polycom phone -  projector  
Hearst -- 110 Conf. Room ** (510) 643-5936 Yes 110 2195 Hearst 10-12 Medium white board; speakerphone - no projector H2195-131-110-004-D
Hearst -- 200B Conf. Room (510) 642-3478 Yes 200B 2195 Hearst 10-12

projection screen/blackout shades; polycom phone; multimedia projector; whiteboard; counter and cabinet space

Vaddio ConferenceSHOT camera system with laptop connections for Google Hangouts and Zoom

Hearst --200C Conf. Room (510) 642-0819 Yes 200C 2195 Hearst 2nd floor 18 at table; up to 25 in the room (using stacking chairs)

projection screen/blackout shades; polycom phone; multimedia projector; whiteboard; counter and cabinet space

Vaddio ConferenceSHOT camera system with laptop connections for Google Hangouts and Zoom

Hearst --300C Conf. Room (510) 643-4475 Yes 300C 2195 Hearst 3rd floor 20 around table; chairs around room

projection screen/blackout shades; polycom phone; whiteboard; multimedia projector; counter and cabinet space

Vaddio ConferenceSHOT camera system with laptop connections for Google Hangouts and Zoom

2195 Hearst --330C Conf. Room

(510) 643-3696

Yes 330C 2195 Hearst 3rd floor 12 at table; additional 12 seats available in room.

projection screen; multimedia projector; polycom phone; white board (on order)

Vaddio ConferenceSHOT camera system with laptop connections for Google Hangouts and Zoom

Hearst -- 225A Meeting Room (510) 643-9633 Yes 225A 2195 Hearst 2nd floor, NE end of building, near entrance to elevator lobby 4

general-use phone; whiteboard; counter and cabinet space; 24" HP display with built-in webcam and laptop connections for Google Hangouts and Zoom

Hearst -- 225B Meeting Room (510) 643-9634 Yes 225B 2195 Hearst, 2nd floor, NE end of building, near entrance to elevator lobby 4 general-use phone; whiteboard; counter and cabinet space24" HP display with built-in webcam and laptop connections for Google Hangouts and Zoom 231-225B-001-D
Hearst -- 242 Meeting Room (510) 643-9635 No 242 2195 Hearst, 2nd floor, along south corridor 6

projection screen/blackout shades; general-use phone; whiteboard; counter and cabinet space; 55" LED display with built-in webcam and laptop connections for Google Hangouts and Zoom


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NamePhoneAirBearsRoomLocationCapacityRoom FacilitiesAdditional Information
2484 Shattuck Main Conf. Room (510) 642-5092 Yes S108 2484 Shattuck, 1st floor 20 whiteboard; Proxima projector Polycom phone available; folding divider can be removed to make large room with S108A.
2484 Shattuck Display Room (510) 643-9077 Yes S108A 2484 Shattuck, 1st floor 15 whiteboard Folding divider can be removed to make large room with S108. No polycom phone.

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Other Campus Meeting Rooms:

The following is not a comprehensive list. For more available spaces on campus please visit the Campus Event Facilities page.

LocationRoom (capacity)ContactInformationNotes
Alumni House
  • Toll Room (120-300)
  • Bechtel Conference Room (18-30)
  • Sibley Room (35-50)
  • President's Room (8-10)
  • Patio (100-200)
(510) 642-1573
Rent Alumni House
  • Rate depends upon room.
  • Capacity depends on use.
Bechtel Engineering Center
  • Sibley Auditorium (250)
  • Dieterich Room, 120A Bechtel (30)
  • Bently Room, 120B Bechtel (30)
  • Steele Room, 120C Becthel (30)
  • Garbarini Lounge
College of Engineering Facilities
(510) 643-8166
College of Engineering Room Reservations
  • No charge.
  • No food or drink in Sibley Auditorium.
  • Dieterich, Bently, and Steele Rooms can be combined to form a single room with capacity of 90.
  • Rooms mainly for College of Engineering functions, but will accommodate other campus departments based on availability.
Clark Kerr Campus, 2601 Warring Street
  • Krutch Theatre (45-358)
  • Room 102 (30-56)
  • Room 104 (30-55)
  • Room 203 (25-59)
  • Room 204 (30-55)
  • Great Hall (70-350)
  • Garden Room (35-160)
  • Executive Dining Room (18-45)
  • Conference Room (20-45)
Natalie Lui, (510) 642-9217
Cal Catering Clark Kerr Campus
  • Rate depends upon room.
  • Half and full day rates available.
  • Capacity depends on use.
  • Parking available.
  • Catering servicesavailable.
  • Room 370/371
  • Room 3401
  • Ishi Court
  • Currently unavailable to non-Dwinelle departments.
Faculty Club
  • Twelve private rooms.
  • Smaller rooms accommodate 6-30.
  • Larger rooms accommodate up to 400 on evenings and weekends.
Loreta Pondok, (510) 642-2119 Reception Areas / Banquet Halls
  • Rate depends upon room and day of event.
  • Catering services available.
General campus classrooms
  • Various
Classroom Scheduling Office, Office of the Registrar, (510) 642-0313
Classroom Requests and Reservations
  • Fees apply for room reservations during holidays, and after 10:30 pm weekdays and 10:00 pm weekends.
  • Restrictions apply during first 3 weeks of instruction of each semester.
  • Room requests submitted via online form.
International House
  • Chevron Auditorium (40-450)
  • Ida Sproul Room (24-40)
  • Robert Sproul Room (24-40)
  • Slusser Room (28)
  • Homeroom (up to 50)
Events Office, (510) 642-0589
Contact Events and Catering Offices
  • Half and full day rates available.
  • Setup and cleaning fee.
  • Capacity depends on use.
  • Ida and Robert Sproul Rooms can be combined to form larger room with capacity of 50-75.
  • In-house cateringavailable.
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) 2521 Channing Way
  • Large Conference Room (50)
Robert Hiramoto, (510) 643-3903 Contact contact.
  • No charge.
  • Limited availability.
Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Meeting rooms (up to 75)
  • Auditorium (275)
  • Lawn area
Emma Duran-Forbes, (510) 642-2275
Daytime events

Evening events
  • Half and full day rates available.
  • Deposit and insurance required.
  • In-house cateringavailable.

Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union

(closed for construction until 2015)

  • Black Oak Room (10)
  • Chinquapin Room (12-20)
  • Douglas Fir Room (12-20)
  • East Madrone Room (24-45)
  • West Madrone Room (24-45)
  • Tan Oak Room (54-100)
  • Tilden Room (32-100)
  • Stephens Room (25-75)
  • Pauley Ballroom (550-900)
    • East Pauley (150-250)
    • West Pauley (300-450)
(510) 642-1141
ASUC Reservations
  • Half and full day rates available.
  • Capacity depends on use.
Tan Hall
  • McCollum Room (up to 98 — 2 sides)
Carol Coyote, (510) 642-5060 Contact contact.
  • Rate depends on number of hours, and whether one or both sides of room are needed — can cost up to $300.
  • Very limited availability.
Tang Center
  • Section Club Room (47-61)
  • Class of '42 Room (25-33)
(510) 642-6621 Contact number.
  • Rate depends upon room.
  • Half, full, and extended day rates available.
  • Payments via IOC.
  • Section Club and Class of '42 Rooms can be combined for a capacity of up to 90.
UC Botanical Garden
  • Conference Center (103)
  • Mirov Room (71)
  • Mirov Room and Terrace (71)
  • Ornduff Room (32)
  • Ornduff Room and Terrace (32)
  • Oak Knoll (24-60)
  • Stephen J. Mather Redwood Grove and Amphitheatre (100-130)
  • The Garden of Old Roses (30)
  • Entrance Terrace (75)
Margie Richardson, (510) 642-3352
Facility Rentals
  • Rate depends upon venue and day of event.
  • 2-hour minimum rental.
  • Cleaning and damage deposit required.
  • Proof of liability insurance required.
University Hall
  • Room 150 (30-68)
Tammy Starghill, (510) 642-6904

Candi Dovali-Martinez, (510) 643-8451
Check Room 150 availability on bCal 

Contact contacts for room information.
  • $5 per hour.
  • $15 cancellation fee.
  • Room 401 (20)
  • Room 440 (13)
Tammy Starghill, (510) 642-6904

Candi Dovali-Martinez, (510) 643-8451
Contact contacts.
  • No charge.
  • Limited availability.
  • Room 714C (12-27)
Theresa Saunders, (510) 642-8743

Michael Murphy, (510) 642-1681
Contact contacts.
  • No charge.
  • Limited availability.
Wheeler Hall
  • Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler (up to 150)
Professor Kent Puckett, (510) 642-4140
Reserving the Maude Fife Room
  • Partial day rate: $300 (up to 4 hours)
  • Full day rate: $500 (8:00 am to 10:00 pm)
  • No food or drink.
  • Key for Maude Fife Room available in English Department, 322 Wheeler Hall, M–F 9:00 am–12:00 noon and 1:00-4:00 pm only.
Women's Faculty Club
  • Lounge (40-50)
  • Boardroom (up to 18)
Mary Remy or Juan Salgado, (510) 642-4175 Special Room Rental
  • Rate depends upon room and use.
  • Half and full day rates available.
  • In-house catering.
  • Must be Women's Faculty Club member to reserve rooms.
YWCA Berkeley, 2600 Bancroft Way
  • Auditorium (150-200)
  • Main Lounge (50-75)
  • Student Lounge (30)
Charlene Van Ness, (510) 848-6370 Meeting Space Rental
  • Rate depends upon room.
  • Security deposit required on all rentals.

Building Information & Floor Plans:

Building Emergencies

All buildings have an approved Building Emergency Plan you can access from the Office of Environment, Health & Safety website (CalNet authentication required).

Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling is picked up weekly from cubicles, nightly from kitchens and bathrooms.  Large boxes should be broken down and placed inside recycle bins. Information on recycling your used office supplies are found on the ReUSE website.

Building Floor Plans

Banway 4th floor:

Banway 4th Floor Plan


Banway 5th floor:

Banway 5th Floor Plan


Earl Warren 2nd Floor

Warren 2nd Floor Plan


Earl Warren 3nd Floor (as of 6/15/17)

floor plan for 3rd floor of Earl Warren Hall


Shattuck 1st Floor (as of 6/15/17)

2484 Shattuck 1st Floor


Shattuck 2nd Floor (as of 6/15/17)

2484 Shattuck 2nd Floor