Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to the process

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Our Commitment

At Berkeley IT, we understand that the work involved with DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging) is a process and forever journey. A journey we are all 100% committed to be a part of as we work together both within our department and beyond to the greater campus community. In fact, one of our top goals outlined in our One IT Strategic Plan focuses on this important work.

Berkeley IT champions diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, justice, and accessibility. It is our belief that varying experiences, perspectives, and identities enliven and enrich our work. At the core of our mission are values that drive how we work together, strengthen our solutions and services, and uphold our commitment to access and opportunity for all. We treat each other with respect and actively recognize each other for contributions towards creating a positive, inclusive work environment.

Our Journey

Since 2018, our strategic plan has included a DEIB focus. We started helping to bring more awareness and education to our Berkeley IT community by having everyone attend  Multicultural Education Program (MEP) workshops. We then hosted additional trainings and workshops on DEIB topics. In June 2019, the theme of our annual IT Summit was Diversity and Inclusion for One IT. All programming was organized around various DEIB themes and presenters throughout the day addressed topics of importance to the greater One IT community. Our ability to make more progress on our DEIB goals within Berkeley IT have depended on resources to do this work, primarily dedicated staff who can lead these efforts.

From October 2020 to December 2021, we completed the Organizational Design Project (ODP), an impactful effort to realign teams to enable best work and job titles to bring equity and consistency across our organization. This work led to the creation of the People, Performance and Culture unit (reporting directly to the CIO) and our first DEIB Lead job position, Britt McClintock has been leading these efforts since June 2022. We at Berkeley IT have begun to ensure our actions are keeping up with words, goals, and promises to DEIB work as we continue this process, and our journey together.