Staff Awards & Recognition

The Spot Award nomination process is now OPEN for FY24. Please note that we are only able to fund and process Spot Awards for Berkeley IT Staff nominees. If you wish to nominate someone outside of Berkeley IT, please contact the nominees' department directly. 

Spot Award

The Spot Award is designed to recognize special contributions of staff, as they occur, for a specific project or task. They also recognize and reinforce the behaviors and values that are important to us in Berkeley IT, the One IT Community and at UC Berkeley.

Nominations should reflect at least one of the following Achieve criteria:

  • Collaboration - Enhances individual work by soliciting contributions from others and enhances others’ work by contributing to their success to more effectively meet unit goals.
  • Goal Accomplishment - Achieves individual goals that contribute to unit priorities.
  • Inclusion & Belonging – Demonstrates respect for people and their differences, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, country of origin, cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations. Understands the benefits of a diverse workforce, is trusted and respected by others, includes and welcomes others, and works to understand the perspective of others.
  • Innovation - Uses knowledge, skills, and professional experience to seek efficiencies and improve work outcomes.
  • Job Mastery - Demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities that result in high performance and contributions within the scope of the employee’s job description.

Nomination Process:

  • For this year, the Spot Award is $300 and limited to four (4) awards per fiscal year whether nominated individually or as part of a team. If an individual is nominated more than once for the same reason, the individual will only receive one award. 
  • To nominate a person or team, complete and submit the Berkeley IT STAR Nomination Form. Please DO NOT use the People & Culture's (Central HR) nomination form. 
  • Nominations will be reviewed by Berkeley IT’s Recognition Award Administrator to ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements and award criteria, and will be processed on Thursdays of each week.  
  • Nominees' names will be added to the Berkeley IT STAR/Spot Award Recipient Page and a letter and certificate will be issued by PPC Ops.

Pay It Forward

All IT staff (everyone in One IT) also have the option to Pay IT Forward to fellow IT colleagues, a way to thank or celebrate work well done throughout the year. 


Please contact the the PPC Operations Team or bIT Recognition Award Administrator, Clarissa Fermin at

Additional Campus Awards

  • Excellence in Management - What’s great about this annual award is that nominations come directly from employees who want to celebrate their awesome supervisor or manager. 

  • COSA (Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award) - COSAs are presented to individual staff members and staff teams who demonstrate exceptional initiative to create a significant positive impact on the UC Berkeley campus community.  

  • Service Awards - Employees who reach significant milestones in years of service with the University are celebrated and will be contacted by Central HR's Service Award Administrator or they can be reached at (510) 642-7053.