About Berkeley IT


UC Berkeley’s Information Technology department is powered by problem solvers who deliver the technology services and support that enable students, faculty, and staff to do their best work.

Gabriel Gonzalez, Interim Chief Information Officer, Berkeley IT, is responsible for the strategic oversight of both the bIT department and the broader campus-wide Information Technology (IT) strategy. This includes leading the strategic planning effort for campus IT priorities. Dedicated Berkeley IT staff partner with other departments across campus to provide technical support and services for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This collaborative campus community of ~900 staff is known as One IT

Organizational Structure

Our department consists of seven units:

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Core Values

At the core of our mission are values that drive how we work together. Berkeley IT believes in and fosters a workplace environment where people can bring their diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences toward achieving our goals through a process of critical inquiry, discovery, innovation, while simultaneously committing to making positive contributions towards the betterment of our world.

In Berkeley IT, we honor and agree to uphold the campus Principles of Community. In addition, members of the Berkeley IT community have created and endorsed the following values for our organization to augment and amplify the campus principles: 

  • We champion diversity. We believe that differences in experience, perspective, and identity enliven and enrich our work, strengthen our solutions and services, and uphold our commitment to access and opportunity for all. We treat each other with respect and actively recognize each other for contributions towards creating a positive, inclusive work environment.

  • We act with integrity. We are honest, open, and transparent. We strive to do what is right for each other and the communities we serve. Our actions reflect a high ethical standard and commitment to equity.

  • We deliver. We take responsibility for our work and honor our commitments to each other, our customers and our organization by delivering high-quality, timely service. 

  • We innovate. We conceive new ways of doing things by listening to ideas, remaining open-minded, fostering creative solutions, pushing our limits, and continually improving our processes.

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are more than just suggestions for us. They are the guiding principles underlying how we come together, develop leaders at all levels of the organization, and create an environment that unites us. We affirm the dignity of all individuals, call upon our leaders to address critical issues with integrity and intention, respect our differences as well as our commonalities, and strive to uphold a just community free from discrimination and hate.