IT Governance Process

Ask Questions and Engage in the Governance Process

One of the key goals of the new IT governance model is to increase communication and transparency about what is happening on campus in the areas of strategic planning, emerging issues identification, IT service delivery (both growth and abatement) and policy development. We are currently in the process of developing more formalized processes for how individuals and groups can engage with IT governance. In the interim, if you have a new project you are interested in putting forward for consideration, emerging plans and issues to raise awareness about, or any other questions about IT governance, please fill out the form below.

IT Governance Questions

IT Governance Criteria

Project / Service Proposals: Review/prioritize/recommend new initiatives or projects meeting the following criteria (*proposed*):

  • Impact: more than one control unit/division/college.
  • Expense:
    Project: $300K or higher; OR
    Operational (ongoing): $200K/year or higher; OR
    Five year TCO: $1M or higher.
  • Reputational risk: Significant potential for damaging campus reputation.
  • External mandate: Required to comply with laws and/or system-wide policies or directives (e.g., UCPath).
  • Reduction of duplication: Opportunities to significantly reduce duplication of systems, data and/or expense.
  • Potential for broader benefit: Projects initiated by one department that could also benefit many, or the entire campus.

Strategies and Goals: Review/approve campus IT goals/plans in the area of Administration, Research, Teaching & Learning, and IT Infrastructure.

Emerging Issues: Inform/discuss new issues (e.g., strategic needs, campus security risks, infrastructure challenges, service duplication, etc.).

Policies: Review and provide input to new policies or amendments to existing ones.

Service Abatement: Review/prioritize/recommend services to be retired or decremented under the following conditions (*proposed*):

  • Impact: more than one control unit/division/college.
  • Abatement project expense: $300K or higher.
  • Abatement project timeline: 6 months or more.
  • Abatement savings: $200K or higher.
  • NOTE: EADC members expressed interest in seeing anything that we could stop doing, regardless of cost.