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photo of David BrowneDave Browne

Executive Director of Campus IT Infrastructure

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What We Do

This unit brings together and integrates the engineering and implementation of core, foundational campus IT infrastructure, delivering essential IT services that support UC Berkeley’s continually evolving needs. 

Key Functions & Services

Communications & Network Services

Communications Infrastructure Design & Build

Bruce Lorenzen is the Manager of the Communications Infrastructure Design & Build (CIDB) team,  responsible for the design and installation of the physical layer (telecommunications rooms, pathways, and cabling) for the campus in support of voice and data services. They help campus customers navigate complex changes to their existing systems as well as moves between locations. The team also manages the day-to-day installation of voice and data cabling to the station jack.

Please be sure to reach out to the CIDB team before starting any telecommunications project.

Communication & Network Support 

Gladys Oddoye is the Manager of this team who provides telecommunications services that facilitate communication across the campus community. Services include: 

  • Consultation, Training, and Coordination of Voice and Data Service requests
  • Cellular Services (your cell phones and hotspots etc.)
  • Zoom Add-On Services – acquisition of licenses and provisioning of this service. This is the recharge side of Zoom services that departments pay for
  • Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC), Voicemail provisioning, and incident management
  • Avaya WorkPlace Support (current VoIP service offering)
  • Voice Project Management and collaboration with bIT teams
  • e-911 Administration

You can reach this team via email at or call (510) 664-9000, options 2, 1 to speak to a consultant, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Network Services

The Network Services team led by Isaac Orr, Senior Manager, empowers students, faculty, and staff by providing them with access to the tools, resources, and information they need. They do this by implementing, managing, and maintaining services such as Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, residential networking, and high-speed connectivity to support research. The team includes the following groups:

  • Engineering and Specialized ServicesLed by Sean Schluntz this group primarily designs, implements, and operates the campus backbone and some complex and unique services such as:

  • Operations and Service DeliveryLed by Tim Behary this group responds to incidents and problems with network services. It also installs and manages much of the infrastructure supporting end-user connectivity and important services such as DNS and DHCP which are utilized by all network users. It includes a team of student employees.

Voice Services

Jovie Soliman is the Voice Services manager responsible for providing solutions to campus administration, faculty, staff, and students. This team plays a crucial role in ensuring effective communication solutions for the campus community. 

  • Product Management
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Installation & Repair
  • Incident Response
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
Request Voice Services directly from our Telecom Catalog

Data & Platforms Services

Led by Walter Stokes, Director, this team is responsible for managing the infrastructure, systems, and processes related to data management, storage, analysis, and integration across various departments and functions within the institution. 

Data Management & Data Center

Laurie Graham is the Manager for this team responsible for overseeing technology solutions that enable the collection, storage, organization, maintenance, and utilization of data across various departments and functions within the institution. Their primary goal is to ensure that data is managed effectively, securely, and in compliance with relevant policies and best practices. This team is also responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure and resources housed within the campus data center, which serves as the central hub for storing, processing, and managing the institution's IT systems and data. 

  • Database ServicesThe Database Administration (DBA) team offers complete database packages to support Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL. We have developed our database service packages to:

    • Reduce the burden of database administration work for developers.
    • Keep costs low for the campus by sharing resources.
    • Provide security within a supported environment maintained by a team of professional DBAs.
  • Data Center Colocation Responsible for the 24x7 operation of the 10,000 sqft Warren Hall Data Center, and providing the power, cooling, and networking infrastructure needed for colocation customer computer equipment.

  • Resiliency & Risk Management - We deliver IT resiliency, disaster recovery consultation, IT Notifications, and services for campus applications administered by Berkeley IT, both locally and at UC Berkeley’s fail-over site located at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). IT disaster recovery (DR) is the process of regaining access and functionality to IT infrastructure after events that cause data loss and business disruption..This involves IT technologies and best practices that can prevent or minimize the impact of catastrophic events. IT disaster recovery is part of a disaster recovery plan that covers the organization's overall response to emergencies.

  • Storage & BackupThe Storage & Backup team offers two data storage options depending on what type of access is needed: Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). These are both highly available and highly scalable systems that are offered in two performance tiers: Performance and Utility. UC Backupprovides a centralized, network-based backup and recovery service for computer systems on the UC Berkeley campus as well as servers at the San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC). It protects computers from data loss due to accidental file deletion or corruption, hard drive failure, or system upgrade failure.

Cloud Operations

Robert Amos is the Manager of this team responsible for managing and maintaining the institution's cloud computing infrastructure and services. As more colleges and universities adopt cloud-based solutions to support their academic, administrative, and research activities, the Cloud Operations team plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, security, and scalability of these cloud environments. Whether you need a fully managed on-premise private cloud environment or assistance in using one of the cloud service providers, this team can help you get the computing power you need.

  • bCloud - VPS - VMware (virtual servers)
  • GCP 
  • AWS 
  • Azure

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Operating Systems Support

Patrick Pender is the Senior Manager overseeing the operations of the Endpoint, Observability, and Operating Systems teams. These teams provide a wide array of services for campus IT customers, including infrastructure platform engineering and support, host and website monitoring, endpoint desktop engineering, and other widely used services such as web hosting, printer mapping, directory services, and application/desktop virtualization.