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Wi-Fi connectivity is generally available throughout most buildings on campus as well as in UC Berkeley-affiliated buildings located off-site with an expansion effort underway. Options for Wi-Fi access include eduroam, Airbears2, and CalVisitor. Use the comparison table to choose the Wi-Fi option that will work best for you.

Which option is best for you?

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A secure, authenticated service which provides network access on campus and at many institutions throughout the world. A secure, authenticated service for campus network access. CalVisitor provides a basic level of Wi-Fi access for those not affiliated with UC Berkeley or with no CalNet ID.
Campus and Visitors (from other institutions)  Campus Visitors (no passphrase required) 
Get Connected

1. Use your AirBears2 Key or Create a Key - If you already have an AirBears2 key you can skip this step. To create a key, use your CalNet Passphrase to login to the Manage My Keys website and follow the instructions provided.

2. Configure Your Device or Computer - Connect to the eduroam SSID, and provide your CalNet ID @berkeley.edu as the user name, for example if your CalNet ID is oski, you would enter "oski@berkeley.edu." Enter your AirBears2 WiFi Key as the password. Once you have done this, your device should automatically use eduroam whenever you are at an institution that provides it. Visit eduroam.org for more information about this service.

1. Create a Key - Use your CalNet Passphrase to login to the Manage My Keys website and follow the instructions provided. Learn more

2. Configure Your Device or Computer- Once you have your AirBears2 key, you can configure your device or computer to use AirBears2. Just select it as your Wi-Fi network, accept the certificate that is offered (this secures the association process), and login with your CalNet ID using your AirBears2 key as the password. Once you have done this the first time, your device should automatically use AirBears2 whenever you are within an area that it is provided (inside almost all Campus buildings).

To access CalVisitor, configure your Wi-Fi enabled device to select CalVisitor as the SSID for their wireless networking needs.

Web-Based Authentication  No No No

Secure Access (One-Time Login)

Yes Yes No
Encrypted Wireless Traffic Yes Yes No
Access Campus Resources 

(e.g. bConnected , Digital Library, bCourses, etc.)

Yes Yes No

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