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We provide a wide range of technology-based services to assist instructors and students with instruction and learning.

Academic Innovation Studio

The Academic Innovation Studio (AIS) brings together faculty, researchers, graduate student instructors, and service providers to inspire and support experimentation, connect people, and share ideas. Part of Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) in the Division of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the AIS serves instructors and researchers across the entire campus community.

Come to the AIS to:

Connect to peers, particularly across disciplines Connect to campus resources and services Learn about and share novel and interesting ideas/approaches/tools Engage with...
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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity services at Berkeley provides students and instructors tools to review documents for originality via TurnItIn. In 2015, UC Berkeley launched the Turnitin services to support academic integrity and the campus Honor Code. Turnitin is an opt-in tool enabled through bCourses that allows Instructors and TAs to check student assignments for originality.

Instructors can use Turnitin to identify possible instances of plagiarism, or as a student-facing self-assessment tool to improve student writing and citation. Turnitin checks writing against an extensive database of...

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Ally is a set of tools within bCourses that helps make course content more accessible by allowing students and instructors to convert files to HTML, EPUB, electronic braille, BeeLine Reader or MP3 (audio). The Ally tool also provides instructors with visual indicators gauging the accessibility of source files and assigns an accessibility score to each uploaded file. Additionally, we are beta testing a translation tool within Ally that automatically translates course documents into over 30 languages.

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Assistive Technology

A variety of tools are available to assist UC Berkeley instructors and students who require adaptive or assistive technology for teaching and learning:

Classroom Tech Support - Information on supportive environments where Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) have been installed in a number of general assignment classrooms on campus.


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bCourses is Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS), using the open-source Canvas platform. This web-based tool provides a resource for instructors and students to enrich the teaching and learning experience.

bCourses is integrated with our Academic Integrity, Clickers, CalCentral, Course Capture, and Gradescope services. Instructors can create new or upload existing course materials and build graded activities within bCourses, while also using it to communicate with and provide feedback to students. It offers a variety of built-in assessment tools, as well as an...

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BOA (Berkeley Online Advising)

BOA is an advising platform that provides data from multiple campus systems in a single system, allowing advisors to view real-time academic alerts, enter advising notes, and organize students into data-driven groups and cohorts. Access to BOA is limited to staff with the SIS Co-Curricular Advisor or Curricular Advisor role (users with Advisor View access do not have access to Advising Notes in CalCentral or BOA). SIS/BOA advising tool access can be requested at: https://sis.berkeley.edu/system-access by selecting the...

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CalCentral simplifies and unifies the online experience for students, faculty, and staff at UC Berkeley. Whether you are a student enrolling in classes, an instructor checking your class roster, or an advisor assisting a student, CalCentral delivers information from multiple campus systems to a personalized, mobile-friendly dashboard.

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Course Capture

Berkeley's Course Capture (webcast) service offers instructors audio and/or video recording services for their courses. Integrated with bCourses, recorded courses are intended to enhance the learning experience by providing a review tool for students.

Instructors have the ability to change the way students engage with their classes by allowing for their lectures to be published online for access outside of the classroom. The Course Capture service takes care of recording daily lectures so that all instructors have to do is walk in, turn on their mic and connect their laptop to the...

Research, Teaching, and Learning

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations at Berkeley offers departments the opportunity to coordinate course evaluations through an online system with easy management and reporting that is customizable. This common good tool managed by Research, Teaching and Learning is available to departments who have opted into the service.

Course Evaluations allows for the automation and simplification of final semester reviews for instructors and allows students to access their class form at their convenience. Reporting of results is automated. Appropriate administrative and supervisory staff are notified of...

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DIY Media

The Do-It-Yourself Media Service is intended to support instructors looking to add video to their teaching techniques. Instructors can use these facilities to create video content for online lectures, flipped classroom activities, blended learning materials, tutorial videos and more.

The service includes:

DIY Media Studios (formerly known as "Micro Studios"). There are currently studios in Dwinelle Hall and Berkeley Way West. Each free-to-use studio is equipped with HD cameras, professional lighting, multiple backdrops, pen tablets and a wide array of screen capture and video...
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Gartner Campus Access

The Gartner Campus Access program provides faculty, students, and staff free, unlimited, 24/7 access to the authoritative Gartner research library which helps translate complex IT issues into comprehensive advice and meaningful analysis. Gartner is the global leader in providing accurate and current research for the IT industry. We have set up a portal where you can log in with your existing credentials and gain access to current research, analytics and insights that are accurate, impartial, and consistent.

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Use your existing CalNet login credentials...

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Gradescope is a suite of tools designed to accommodate a common grading workflow. Students or instructors scan and upload their homework or exams. Instructors and GSIs create a living rubric used for grading that allows for speedy grading of large courses. The Gradescope software can reveal valuable statistics about student work and provide a path for students to request re-grades of questions.

Services Robust, rubric-based grading tool for exams and templated homework assignments. Assignment response statistics and learning interaction data. Flexible and accurate assignment re-grade...
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Kaltura is a web-based video management platform that allows UC Berkeley instructors and students to upload, edit, manage, and share videos and other media. Kaltura can be accessed from bCourses (Canvas).

Key Features

Recordings from a variety of tools can be saved directly to Kaltura including:

Course Capture; Zoom; and...
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Moffitt Makerspace

Moffitt Makerspace is a general access Makerspace located on the first floor of Moffitt Library. Operated primarily by student staff, the Makerspace features support for core maker activities such as CAD design, 3D printing, digital prototyping with digital components (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi), as well as traditional craft and hand tool based design activities for wood and fabrics. It also offers training workshops to help and guide students learning both the basics (e.g. safety and basic use of equipment, use of software applications) and more advanced tutorials for projects and...

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Student Information Systems (SIS)/Berkeley Campus Solutions (BCS)

UC Berkeley’s Student Information Systems (SIS) provides a single, easy-to-use point of access to all student information: admissions, financial aid, registration, enrollment, course management, advising, billing and payment, records, and more. SIS, also known as Berkeley Campus Solutions (BCS), provides tools and functionality that support the academic experience and helps cultivate a rewarding work environment for staff that is less transactional and more service-oriented. Built on Oracle Campus Solutions software, SIS is an integrated set of best-of-breed tools, technology and processes...
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Student Response Systems (Clickers)

Student Response Systems, also known as "Clickers," "audience response systems," and "classroom response systems," enable instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. Their many uses include increasing student engagement, obtaining real-time feedback, and taking attendance. Many of these systems integrate with bCourses, enabling instructors to easily record student participation in their gradebooks.

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SuiteC provides bCourses users with additional tools to support student engagement and collaboration -- the Asset Library, the Engagement Index, Whiteboards, and the Impact Studio. The Asset Library allows students to upload and share multimedia learning objects, and the Whiteboard lets students collaboratively "remix" these assets to create connections between primary and secondary sources. The Engagement Index allows instructors to automatically score student participation in SuiteC and bCourses tools, and the Impact Studio provides students with visualizations to help them understand...

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