OCIO/IST Organizational Design Project

In October 2020, we kicked off our Organizational Design Project (ODP) to create an organization that is positioned to both manage the impacts of the campus financial situation and is prepared to strategically meet the needs of our institution going forward. 


Build an agile central IT organization that serves as a strategic partner with the UC Berkeley community to efficiently deliver campus IT services. Create a structure and culture that is inclusive, actively embraces diversity and equity, where IT professionals can do their best work.


We are now in Phase 4 and excited to announce our new functional organizational structure along with the Executive Leadership Team (ExLT). This information was shared during the June 24, 2021 All Staff meeting.

The new ExLT is in place immediately to lead the next steps in our organizational design work. Although we have announced the new functional organizational structure and the leadership, there is still much work to be done through the end of the year. Phase 4 of the project will complete the more detailed design of each of the units, and is expected to be completed by November. Our goal is to be able to officially announce our new organization in January 2022. 

Revised ODP Timeline

ODP timeline as of 6/24/21

Phase 4 Detailed Design: Workstream Schedule

Phase 4 Detailed Workstreams

Progress to Date

ODP milestones

ODP Process Advisory Committee (ODP PAC)

This committee advises the CIO on the project’s process but does not make decisions about the future organization or personnel assignments.

Jenn Stringer

AVC for IT and CIO

David Greenbaum

Project Consultant

Liz Marsh

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff

Terence Phuong

Chief Financial Officer

Gert Reynaert

Project Manager

ODP Project Team

This team supports the project through phase two to gather and analyze information about organizational strengths and weaknesses and campus IT services and functions.

David Greenbaum

Project Consultant

Gert Reynaert

Project Manager

Rita Rosenthal

Communications Manager

Clarissa Fermin

Administrative Officer

Stephanie Dunn

Executive Assistant

Isaac Mankita

Business and Finance Analyst


If you have questions not already addressed in the FAQs, please send them to Gert Reynaert.