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One IT Info Bytes is a staff lead speaker series that covers technology and technology-related fields. While Info Bytes is geared towards One IT staff and IT student employees, anyone is welcome to attend. Our interactive talks are 30 minutes long, followed by time for dialogue and Q&A with the presenter(s), and may be in any format (slides, debates, fireside chats, demonstrations, etc.)*

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Jan. 25

Jeffrey Williams, Productivity & Collaboration Services, Berkeley IT "Google Apps Script + AI" 

This talk presents my exploration into the integration of Google Apps Script and multiple AI APIs.  This lecture also covers using LLMs as a problem-solving partner through the "invert, always invert" principle and the concept of backcasting (from an idealized future). The potential of AI will be balanced with both practical and theoretical concerns about current large language models.

Slides: Google Apps Script + AI


Mar. 12

Faye Snowden, Technology Program Office, Berkeley IT "Writing a Business Case for Your Project"
Apr. 9 Rachel Hollowgrass, User Experience, Berkeley IT "Students on the Team: Toward a culture of collaboration and academic relevance"
May 14  Noah Wittman, Digital Learning Services Futures Thinking
June 11
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