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One IT Info Bytes is a staff lead speaker series that covers technology and technology-related fields. While Info Bytes is geared towards One IT staff and IT student employees, anyone is welcome to attend. Our interactive talks are 30 minutes long, followed by time for dialogue and Q&A with the presenter(s), and may be in any format (slides, debates, fireside chats, demonstrations, etc.)*

Second Tuesday of each month
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Upcoming 2024 Sessions:

Date/Location: Presenter: Topic/Description:
July 9 Cosmo Martinez, Campus Applications & Data - Administrative Systems Dev & Support

Leveraging the Object Relational Mapping to Migrate from Oracle to Postgres

Have you ever considered moving your application's database from one technology to another? Admin Systems Dev & Support has been converting Ruby on Rails web applications (AP Bears, VSPA Gateway, CalMessages) from Oracle to Postgres since spring 2023 as part of a technology standardization initiative. While specific to the application and the data, the conversion strategy can be applied to other system migrations as well. This talk will cover the big picture and dive deep into the details of the software implementation as well.

Aug. 13
Sept. 10
Oct. 8
Nov. 12
Dec. 10

Previous Talks:

Date/Location: Presenter: Topic/Description: Resources:

June 11

Greg Merritt, Engineering Research Centers

Computer-based testing

Computer-based testing gives instructors opportunities to more flexibly support learner success and can improve equity and accommodations. I will give an overview of how computer-based testing helps achieve these goals and how we’re working to transition from a pilot project to a more mainline service at Berkeley, including our growing use of computer-based testing facilities to support this program. My presentation will also include a broad, general technical overview of the software and services used to deliver this service to instructors and their students.

Slides: Computer-based testing

**Special date/time**

Jan. 25

Jeffrey Williams, Productivity & Collaboration Services, Berkeley IT "Google Apps Script + AI" 

This talk presents my exploration into the integration of Google Apps Script and multiple AI APIs.  This lecture also covers using LLMs as a problem-solving partner through the "invert, always invert" principle and the concept of backcasting (from an idealized future). The potential of AI will be balanced with both practical and theoretical concerns about current large language models.

Slides: Google Apps Script + AI

AI Recording

Mar. 12

Faye Snowden, Technology Program Office, Berkeley IT

"Writing a Business Case for Your Project"

As IT professionals, we like to solve problems. We like it so much that sometimes, we start critical initiatives from a solution-first approach without understanding the problem or the best way to solve it. Join this Infobytes session to learn how to uncover viable solutions by developing a business case for your project. 

Slides: Business Case

Business Case Recording

Apr. 9

Rachel Hollowgrass, User Experience, Berkeley IT
Copresenting with:

Amanda Bent, Student Leadership Specialist, One IT Student Leadership

Amy Azuma, Discovery DB Manager, Div of Undergraduate Education

Brandon Wright, Senior Software Engineer, Campus Applications and Data

Jun Hyung, Engineering Intern

Tiffany Ho, Undergraduate: Cognitive science & psychology
UX intern

"Students on the Team: Toward a culture of collaboration and academic relevance"

Students can bring fresh energy and perspective to our work. When we include them on our teams and design positions that align with their academic learning, it can create a transformative work experience that benefits both the students and our teams. Together let's explore how we can craft student opportunities that are part of their educational path. During this session, you will get to:

  • Hear from students and career staff from Berkeley IT's Student Information Systems (SIS) UX and Dev teams.
  • Find out about tools to design and promote student opportunities through campus partnerships and the Discovery Database.
  • Learn about a new resource guide coming soon for supervisors of students.
  • Engage in discussion about connecting IT student jobs/internships to their educational journey.

Slides: Student on the Team

Students on the Team: Recording

May 14

Noah Wittman, Strategic Initiatives, Research, Teaching, and Learning

"Developing Strategic Foresight for Higher Ed"

  • Noah will delve into the principles of Futures Thinking, demonstrating its application in various scenarios and discussing its role in resilience and strategic planning.
  • Additionally, attendees will learn about how Educause employs Futures Thinking to construct their annual Horizon Report, which outlines potential futures of technology in education.
  • Join us to gain insights into FuturesThinking and learning how to apply these strategies to better navigate the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Developing Strategic Foresight  Recording