Lead From Where You Are

About the Program

UC Berkeley is participating in a UC Systemwide program called Lead from Where You Are. This program is available to the One IT community and tailored to individual contributors and new managers across the University of California System.

Leadership isn’t about a title or position. Lead From Where You Are is designed to cultivate, inspire, and prepare emerging leaders to step further in, champion initiatives, and impact an organization more broadly. Recognizing and engaging individuals in this way can accelerate their development, build their confidence, and enable them to see a pathway for contributing in a more significant way to the success of the organization.

Program Objectives

  • To make a significant investment in the University of California's UC Tech community.
  • To provide a platform for individuals to evolve the mindset, skill set, and toolset that will contribute to their increased effectiveness.
  • To enhance each participant’s ability to work in teams and to foster an inclusive environment that promotes diversity, equity, and respect.
  • To begin building the self-awareness needed for each participant to understand their strengths, improvement opportunities, presence, and current practices.
  • To strengthen the relationships within and across the UC System, thus fostering the collaboration needed to advance the critical work of our university.
  • To build the communication and collaboration skill sets needed for participants to increase their effectiveness when working with others to deliver results.
  • To help participants learn how to exercise influence and lead without authority.
UCB cohort for 2024, showing Yoshita Mukherjee, Emily Gladstone Cole , Ezra Daly,  Froylan Fernandes,  Joe Feria-Galicia, and Taneya L Neal

Our 2024 UCB cohort: Emily Gladstone Cole, Yoshita Mukherjee, Taneya L Neal,  Froylan Fernandes, Ezra Daly, and Joe Feria-Galicia.

2024 UC Systemwide LFWYA Program

Workshop Dates:

  • Workshop 1 - March 20-21 (in person - UCSF)
  • Workshop 2 - May 8-9 (virtual)
  • Workshop 3 - June 5-6 (in person - UCLA)
  • Workshop 4 - July 30-31 (virtual)
  • Workshop 5 - September 17-18 (in person - UCOP Oakland)

2024 Berkeley Cohort:

  1. Froylan Fernandes, Data Manager for Research Administration and Compliance, Research and Compliance

  2. Yoshita Mukherjee, Sr. Project Manager, Technology Program Office, Berkeley IT

  3. Taneya Neal, Communication Network Technologist, Communications & Network Services, Berkeley IT

  4. Joseph Feria-Galicia, Accessibility Team Lead, Research, Teaching, & Learning

  5. Emily Gladstone Cole, Security Analyst, Information Security Office, Berkeley IT

  6. Ezra Daly, Classroom Technology Service Lead, Research, Teaching, & Learning

Functional Sponsor

Casey Hennig, One IT Program Manager, Strategy & Partnerships, Berkeley IT