Lead From Where You Are

About the Program

Over the past 12 years, more than 60 UC Berkeley IT staff have benefitted from the experience of MOR Associates’ IT Leaders Program (ITLP). In an effort to expand upon and spread the valuable concepts and tools that the program provides, and as part of our Reimagining IT commitment to expanding professional development opportunities for campus IT staff, the Office of the CIO is sponsoring a new onsite program we are calling Lead from Where You Are. This program is available to the One IT community, dedicated to Berkeley, tailored and focused on a wider audience than ITLP.  

Lead from Where You Are is based on the premise that leadership is an intentional act an individual can engage in and is not dependent on position or authority, or permission. Leading from where you are means you are engaging in activities, taking the initiative, and working with others to influence, to advance, to challenge or to provide what is needed to move a situation forward regardless of your role or position.

  • Emphasis will be on cultivating the leadership skills of IT professionals (individual contributors and new managers) who demonstrate leadership potential but are not currently in management roles, or are early in their career as managers.
  • Five two-day workshops are held on campus, so no travel is required. To be considered for the program, you must be able to commit to attending all five sessions, and have the written support of your supervisor.
  • Visit the MOR program website for more information.

Program Objectives

  • To make a significant investment in Berkeley's key assets, the community of people that is critical to the current and future success of IT at Berkeley and the university as a whole.
  • To provide a platform for individuals to evolve the mindset, skill set, and toolset that will contribute to their increased effectiveness.
  • To enhance each participant’s ability to work in teams and to foster an inclusive environment that promotes diversity, equity and respect.
  • To begin building the self awareness needed for each participant to understand his/her strengths, improvement opportunities, presence and current practices.
  • To strengthen the relationships within and across the participating units thus fostering the collaboration needed to advance the important work of this university.
  • To build the communication and collaboration skill sets needed for participants to increase their effectiveness when working with others to deliver results.
  • To help participants learn how to exercise influence and lead without authority. 
  • To create a broader adoption of the principles and frameworks offered in the work Berkeley have done with MOR through the IT Leaders Program - engaging a community of leaders at Berkeley in embracing change more readily, stepping up when the opportunity is there to help provide the shared leadership required to maximize the contribution IT can make to the University.

2019 UC Berkeley LFWYA Program

Workshop Dates & Themes

  • April 24-25: Leading from Where You Are: Presence and Communication Skills
  • June 19-20: Developing Team Skills
  • Aug. 14-15: Design Thinking, Streamlining Processes and Strengthening Relationships
  • Oct. 23-24: Navigating the Constantly Evolving Landscape
  • Dec. 11-12: The Journey Continues


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Functional Sponsor

Liz Marsh, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff - OCIO

Visit the Mor UC BERKELEY 2019 Lead From Where You Are website