Consulting and Development

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From offering advice on the purchase of computers and computer-related products to device support, to working with experts to understand the best ways to use the technology, teams are available to help answer questions and provide guidance to help you make the most of campus IT. 

Academic Innovation Studio

The Academic Innovation Studio (AIS) is a campus resource center that brings together UC Berkeley instructors, researchers and service providers to foster innovation in teaching, learning, and research. Through partnerships with the Library, Center for Teaching and Learning, Digital Humanities and other campus groups, the AIS provides in-person support; hosts programs, events, and workshops; and connects faculty to one another across disciplines and departments.
Educational Technology Services (ETS)

API Central

The UC Berkeley API Management Portal is your starting place to obtain portable campus data securely. Search and find APIs, learn how to use them, and get the right level of access. Publish your APIs to campus and external audiences, manage security and access levels, and track analytics.
Information Services and Technology (IST) - Productivity and Collaboration Services

Cal Viz: Tableau Enterprise Server

Tableau is a data visualization tool that allows campus analysts to dynamically connect to and integrate hundreds of types of data sources ranging from an Excel spreadsheet, to an on-premise or cloud database, to an unstructured web server log file, to a student data API. Tableau is already speeding up data delivery and allowing campus departments to tell compelling stories using the latest data visualizations.

Information Services and Technology (IST) -Enterprise Data and Analytics

Cloud Resource Center

The Cloud Resource Center (CRC) is a set of materials and tools that will help campus determine whether to use the cloud for a particular business or technical use case and, if so, how to do so. The CRC is always evolving and we hope it will become a focal point for a cloud community of practice where campus can share questions, answers, resources, and activities.

Information Services and Technology (IST)

Database Administration Services

The IST Database Administration (DBA) team offers complete packages of hardware, database software, database administration, and system administration in support of your data(base) needs. We have developed our database service packages to:

Information Services and Technology (IST) - Data & Platform Services

Design and Project Management

The Design and Project Management team (DPM) is responsible for the design and installation of the physical-layer (telecommunications rooms, pathways, and cabling) for the campus in support of voice and data services. We help campus customers navigate complex changes to their existing systems as well as moves between locations. We also manage the day-to-day installation of voice and data cabling to the station jack.

Information Services and Technology (IST) - Infrastructure Services & Telecommunications

Device Services, Support, and Troubleshooting

For faculty, staff, and student employees needing assistance with a support-eligible University-owned device, IT Client Services is here to help. Students can get technical support from the Student Tech Services Helpdesk.


ITCS provides a variety of device support services, including:

IT Client Services

File Storage & Collaboration

UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff have several campus-supported options for file storage and collaboration needs. The information below can help you decide which option may work best for your needs.

Questions to Consider

See table for service provider information.

Gartner Campus Access

The Gartner Campus Access program provides faculty, students, and staff free, unlimited, 24/7 access to the authoritative Gartner research library which helps translate complex IT issues into comprehensive advice and meaningful analysis. Gartner is the global leader in providing accurate and current research for the IT industry. We have set up a portal where you can log in with your existing credentials and gain access to current research, analytics and insights that are accurate, impartial, and consistent.

University Chief Technology Officer, Bill Allison

General IT Consulting

IT Client Services provides general IT-related consulting for certain departments on campus. These services include:

  • Project planning for desktop migrations;
  • Consulting with users on best practices on desktop support and making recommendations for infrastructure services;
  • Coordinating with appropriate IT Service provider (e.g. networking, security, telecom, etc.).
IT Client Services

Information Security Support

The Information Security Office is available for consultation on various issues related to information security: educating the campus community about privacy and security policies, practicing cyber self-defense, using available security tools, being alert to potential danger signs, reporting unusual behaviors, and taking corrective action when necessary.

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Information Security Office (ISO)

IT Business Continuity

Information Services and Technology (IST) Business Continuity delivers IT resiliency, business continuity solutions and services for campus applications administered by IST, both locally and at UC Berkeley’s fail-over site, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). Business continuity is defined as keeping the enterprise functional no matter where it is being executed, locally or remotely, and ensures that the enterprise functionality will be available to its customers and users at all times. There are three components to business continuity:

Information Services and Technology (IST) - Infrastructure Services & Telecommunications

Project Management

Faculty and staff have access to project management consulting services to help:

  • Manage IT projects using recommended campus methodologies.
  • Maximize the benefits of project investments and minimize the risks.
  • Manage and communicate the status of the projects in the IST Service Portfolio.

Services are provided either free of charge or at the current recharge rate, depending upon the scope of the work.

Technology Program Office

Research Data Management (RDM)

Research data management covers a full lifecycle of activities related to research data, from the proposal and data management plan, through collaboration, sharing, and curation, to preservation, discovery and reuse. Research data is broadly defined to include the digital inputs to and products of research performed in all campus disciplines.
Research IT, The Library

Research IT Consulting

Research IT's consultant teams feature expertise in a range of research technologies, and domain expertise (e.g., statistics, genomics, nuclear engineering, etc.). From identifying computing and data management solutions that best address the needs of a large science project to discussing how to leverage different compute environments on and off campus, Research IT consultants can help faculty, students, postdocs, and research staff work through common and less-common situations at the intersection of research and technology, with an emphasis on computation and research data management.
Research IT

SaaS Consultation and Assistance

Information Services and Technology (IST) Administrative IT Solutions assists departments in the implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and third party vendor solutions. Services include evaluation of the software, integration support, resource contracting, and other technical implementation details. We will also consult on Application System Implementations.
Information Services and Technology (IST) - Administrative IT solutions

Server System Administration (Linux)

The IST UNIX team offers managed systems administration for IST-hosted Linux servers located in the UC Berkeley and San Diego Super Computing Center data centers. This service is offered at a Standard (business hours) or Extended (24x7) level.

Comparison of Features for Each Support Level

Information Services and Technology (IST) - Data & Platform Services

Server System Administration (Windows)

The IST Windows Team offers administration options for servers located in the Data Center's of UC Berkeley and the San Diego Super Computing Center. There are two support levels offered: Standard and Extended.

Comparison of Features for Each Support Level

Information Services and Technology (IST) - Data & Platform Services