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Berkeley IT provides options to the campus community for video conferencing and collaborates with UCPD the department that provides oversight of the campus security camera system. Berkeley Audio Visual provides the campus with professional event technology support including PA systems, audio/video recording services, live webcasting, and online media publishing. Research, Teaching, & Learning (RTL) provides video and media support to the instructional community with academic technology tools such as Course Capture, Kaltura, and Instructional Equipment Checkout.  Review all of RTL’s programs and services

Campus Security Video System

The campus security video system is intended to deter crime as well as aid in the criminal and administrative investigation of violations of law and policy. Security cameras are thoughtfully installed — only where reasonably anticipated to be useful in response to a specific safety or security risk, and in a manner that respects privacy rights and minimizes any negative impact to lawful activity. Campus policy requires security cameras to be installed at all official cash handling points.

Cameras that are part of the campus security video system are installed in...

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