IT Hiring & Staffing Actions

Recruiting Guidelines & Practices

We have developed this comprehensive guide to help managers through the hiring process from writing the job description all the way through onboarding new staff. The guide has integrated diversity and inclusion best practices into each step of the process to help with our goal of achieving a more diverse campus IT workforce.

IT Staffing Actions

Please note that some minor HR action does not require the SAF or full approval process as noted below and can be submitted by the manager or the Department Budget Officer in charge of your unit.

Full list of all staffing actions and forms:

  1. Choose the "Required Action" and complete the corresponding documents and forms.
  2. Submit the request using the IT Staffing Action Form (SAF) to obtain internal approvals.
  3. Once internal approvals are given, the SAF Administrator submits a BRS ticket for processing. BRS will contact the preparer if additional information is needed.
Required ActionDescriptionRequired DocumentsSubmitted by

Affiliate Appointment - Extend or Renew

Use to extend or end affiliate appointments.

Affiliate Request - New Use to give non-employee access to systems within UC Berkeley. Manager

Appointment Extension / Renewal

Use to extend a contract of employment, or extend limited or student appointment. Please note that limited appointments should not exceed 900 hours on a 12-month rolling period. Students are eligible to work for one semester after graduation.

Appointment Percentage Change

Use to increase or reduce appointment percentage.


Use to classify a new position or an existing position, if recruitment not following immediately. To classify a position to recruit, please use the Recruitment/Hire action type (below). There is an option to select "needs classification review" on the Staffing Action Form.

Classification Process for Non-Represented Positions

Classification Process for Represented Positions

Berkeley Job Builder

Leaves Use to notify the HR Center that an employee is taking leave (FMLA, pregnancy, disability, etc.).
  • Leaves
  • Include a detailed description of the request.
Department Budget Officer
Payroll Correction Use to request a payroll correction. Department Budget Officer
Payroll Expense Transfer Use to move employee pay and expenses from one or multiple chartstring funds to another. If the request includes more than one originating chartstring, please attach a spreadsheet. Submit a date range, and either a straight dollar amount or a percentage of the month’s expense in the “amount” field. Note other clarifying instructions in the comments section. Department Budget Officer
Position Data Change Use to make a data change to an already existing position. Department Budget Officer
Position Request Use to request a new position in Position Management. Work with the appropriate HR Business Partner and Budget/Finance department before completing this request. In some cases, the HR Business Partner must first facilitate a classification process or confirm approvals before a new position can be created. Department Budget Officer
Reclassification Use to request a reclassification of an employee's position due to changes in job duties. May also be used to request salary increase. SAF Administrator
Recruitment-Hire (For Career, Contract and Limited Appointments)

Use this form to recruit for a position that has been classified. Jobs will be posted on via Talent Acquisition Management.

When final candidate has been selected, update Section D or Hire section of this form before extending a job offer.

If salary is higher than what was proposed during the recruitment phase, the Chief of Staff will review the Staffing Action Form again. Please wait for approval before extending an offer.

Appointment Types:

Career Employee: Appointed at 50% or more for 1 year or longer; or conversion to career status when a limited position exceeded 1000 hours on pay status in a 12-month period.

Limited Hire: For temporary and project-focused operational needs. Department authority for limited hires up to 900 hours in a 12-month rolling year.

Contract: For non-represented PPSM titles only. Contract appointments to have definitive end date; employment contract provided by Employee Relations. Recruitment data to remain in TAM as system of record including pertinent EEO data.

The offer letter will be prepared and forwarded by People and Culture Recruitment Team. For contracted appointments, BRS issues an employment contract once the hire has been processed. Please forward a copy to Clarissa Fermin: These will be attached to the Staffing Action Form.

Recruitment Phase:

Hire Phase:

SAF Administrator

Recruitment-Hire Student (Non-GSR)

Use to recruit and/or hire for a Student Assistant (Non-GSR). SAF Administrator
Rehire-Extend Retiree Use to request to rehire or extend a UC Berkeley retiree. Campus rehire retiree approval procedure must be completed before BRS can process. SAF Administrator
Salary Adjustment Use for any increase to base salary that is not part of the annual merit program or IST/OCIO annual compensation review.
  • No specific document required but if tied into a reclassification, please use the Reclassification request SAF/process
  • Prepare the justification for the salary
SAF Administrator
Separation Use to notify HR that an employee is leaving (whether they are leaving UC Berkeley completely, or moving to another department).
  • Resignation Letter (if applicable)
Department Budget Officer
Supervisor Change Use to change supervisor information on the employee’s job record. Department Budget Officer
Waiver of Recruitment - Hire

Use to obtain an exception to the recruitment policy, allowing a specific individual with unique skills to be hired without listing the position for open recruitment and advertisement. It is preferable to list all positions through the TAM system to allow equal access and opportunities for applicants.

Waiver of Recruitment

  • Waiver of recruitment form request (Note that this request is submitted directly to the AVC of Human Resources by our BRS-HR Partner)
  • Candidate’s Resume
  • Job Description
  • If needed, request for Classification of the job description
SAF Administrator