Exit Checklist

This checklist is for IST/OCIO managers to use when an employee is leaving their position. If separation is involuntary, please contact our CSS HR partner Carole Salerno at clsalerno@berkeley.edu 

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Supervisor / Manager:

  • Plan complete work turnover.
  • Notify the IST admin support team, Access and Building Team, and Margarita Zeglin, providing last day or separation date.
  • Notify your Department Budget Officer and include a copy of the resignation letter (if applicable) and provide last day or separation date.
  • Collect keys (including T-keys, cabinet, building keys, access cards, ID card, cell phone, pager, radio, laptop, wireless card, UCB books, materials, and other department manuals and equipment).
  • Collect credit cards, parking pass.
  • Complete account access changes/deletions: CalNet ID, CalMail, SHIPS/d, Active Directory, Kronos, Reset password on desk phone and returned cellphones.
  • Remove business systems access through SARA and other system access Remind employee to pick up final pay check. BRS/Payroll will provide instructions to the separating employee.
  • If employee is not at work for the exit meeting, contact the employee to make arrangements for pickup or delivery of personal items.
  • If enrolled in DMV Pull, submit deletion of driver request form. 

IST Admin Team 

  • Submit a BRS/HR ticket with name, employee ID and effective date of separation. Include a copy of the resignation letter.

Separating Employee:

At least 1 day before or on last day of work (may not be the actual separation date): 

  • Return all campus keys, access cards, cell phones, laptop, radio, etc.
  • Remove all personal items from desk/office (including books, CDs, pictures, food items).
  • Reset password on desk phone. 
  • If you have a DocuSign account, email our Data Proprietor (Liz Marsh at lizm@berkeley.edu) and DocuSign Administrator (Stephanie Dunn ssorensen@berkeley.edu) to ensure your system access is revoked.

On last day of work:

  • Pick up final paycheck based on instructions from the BRS/Payroll office if paper check is preferred. Direct Deposit is also an option. 

BRS - Berkeley Regional Services (Formerly CSS): 

1-2 weeks before the end date:

  • Terminate job record in HCM.
  • Update personnel/medical file.
  • Notify UCPD of separating employee. 


  • Process 72-hour payroll separation check request form.
  • Pick up check from campus Payroll Office (if pick up is preferred). Direct Deposit is also an option.
  • Notify the hiring supervisor/employee before employee’s last day when check is ready for pick up (if applicable).
  • Give final check (if applicable) to separating employee with explanation of termination pay including what happens to their vacation and sick balances. 

Building and Equipment Management:

  • Remove mailbox, cubicle nameplates and emergency pack.
  • Collect access cards, keys. 

Administrative Support:

  • Remove separating employee from staff directory, org chart, email lists, group list.
  • If separating employee is a supervisor, update supervisor info for direct reports.
  • Schedule an exit interview with AVC Larry Conrad (via Margarita Zeglin).