Exit Checklist

This checklist is for IST/OCIO managers to use when an employee is leaving their position. If separation is involuntary, please contact our BRS (Berkeley Regional Services) HR partner Carole Salerno at clsalerno@berkeley.edu 

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Supervisor / Manager:

  • Plan complete work turnover.
  • Notify the IST HR/Admin Support Team (istadmin-help@lists.berkeley.edu) and copy your Department Budget Officer, BEM Access Team (ist-access@lists.berkeley.edu) providing last day or separation date.
  • Collect any UCB issued keys, property or equipment from the employee.
  • Remove passwords and security on issued cell phones.
  • Complete account access changes/deletions: CalNet ID, CalMail, SHIPS/d, Active Directory, etc.
  • Ensure that all passwords are removed from desk phone.
  • Remove business systems access through SARAand other system access.
  • Approve the final timesheet (NOTE: This is very IMPORTANT. It will delay processing the last paycheck if not done timely). 
  • Remind the employee to pick up the final pay check (if applicable). BRS/Payroll will provide instructions to the separating employee.
  • Contact Margaret Chester mchester@berkeley.edu for help in making arrangements to ship equipment and items if unable to return these in person. 

IST HR/Admin Team 

  • Submit a BRS/HR ticket with name, employee ID and effective date of separation. Include a copy of the resignation letter.
  • If enrolled in DMV Pull, ensure that the deletion of driver request form is submitted by BRS.
  • Update the org charts, mailing lists, calgroups, bCal invites, position tracker and other employee and position data sheets and records. (Department or unit specific team meetings should be updated by the individual meeting owners if applicable). 
  • Update the supervisor info for direct reports if applicable. 

Separating Employee:

At least 1 day before or on last day of work (may not be the actual separation date): 

  • Submit your final timesheet (NOTE: This is IMPORTANT. The BRS Payroll team won't be able to process your last paycheck if this is not submitted and approved timely). 
  • Return all campus keys, access cards, cell phones, laptop, radio, etc.
  • Remove all personal items from desk/office (including books, CDs, pictures, food items).
  • Reset password on desk phone and remove password on cellphone. 
  • If you have a DocuSign account, email our Data Proprietor (Liz Marsh at lizm@berkeley.edu) and DocuSign Administrator (Stephanie Dunn ssorensen@berkeley.edu) to ensure your system access is revoked.

On last day of work:

  • Pick up final paycheck based on instructions from the BRS/Payroll office if paper check is preferred. Direct Deposit is preferred.

BRS - Berkeley Regional Services (Formerly CSS): 

1-2 weeks before the end date:

  • Terminate job record in UCPATH.
  • Update personnel/medical file.
  • Notify UCPD of separating employee. 

BRS Payroll Team:

  • Process 72-hour payroll separation check request form.
  • Prepare the final paycheck for pick up from the campus Payroll Office. Direct Deposit is also an option.
  • Notify the hiring supervisor/employee before employee’s last day when check is ready for pick up (if applicable).
  • Give final check (if applicable) to separating employee with explanation of termination pay including what happens to their vacation and sick balances. 

Building and Equipment Management:

  • Remove mailbox, cubicle nameplates and emergency pack.
  • Collect access cards, keys.