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Research IT (RIT) provides research computing technologies, consulting and community for the Berkeley campus. Our goal is to advance research through IT innovation.

Digital Humanities Research Support

Research IT provides research computing and research data management support to humanists as part of supporting research throughout campus. Technical support outside those areas is handled through the Digital Humanities at Berkeley program.

Research IT

Museum & Collections Informatics

The Informatics Services unit works with faculty, museum, academic, and research communities to identify, develop and deliver informatics solutions and cyberinfrastructure to the campus, with a focus on the CollectionSpace system for campus museums. Campus museums use CollectionSpace to manage information about items in their collections, as well as information about transactions such as loans and acquisitions. Research IT develops public portals and web applications, reports, and other data integrations that take advantage of CollectionSpace's RESTful API's and rich information schema. In...
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Research Computing (HPC, Cloud, AEoD)

The Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) program offers consulting and resources that ensure campus researchers are matched to computing and data resources that meet the needs of their specific projects. BRC facilitates access to: Berkeley's HPC shared condo cluster, Savio, plus national HPC resources; cloud computation offered by commercial vendors and national programs; web-accessible analytics environments; fast data transfer and inexpensive storage for large data sets; and, flexible computing solutions that smooth the transition between use of all these resources.


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Research Data Management (RDM)

Research data management covers a full lifecycle of activities related to research data, from the proposal and data management plan, through collaboration, sharing, and curation, to preservation, discovery and reuse. Research data is broadly defined to include the digital inputs to and products of research performed in all campus disciplines. A partnership between Research IT and the Library, the RDM Program offers consulting, training, and online guidance to address new requirements from funding agencies, publishers, and data providers, and to help researchers manage and steward their data...
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Research IT Consulting

Research IT's consultant teams feature expertise in a range of research technologies, and domain expertise (e.g., statistics, genomics, nuclear engineering, etc.). From identifying computing and data management solutions that best address the needs of a large science project to discussing how to leverage different compute environments on and off campus, Research IT consultants can help faculty, students, postdocs, and research staff work through common and less-common situations at the intersection of research and technology, with an emphasis on computation and research data management.
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