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Free and for-purchase software is available to UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students under specially negotiated licenses. Web-based ordering sites allow students and authorized employees to review, order, and manage IT subscriptions and services. In some cases, software products are implemented and managed centrally on behalf of departments.

Application Support

UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff have several options for getting help with installing, using, or troubleshooting various application. Find the application you want assistance with and contact the service provider listed in the table below.

Which application do you need help with? IT Client Services Student Affairs IT (SAIT) Applications supported

We provide faculty and staff...

See table for service provider information.

bCloud: Private and Public Cloud Services

Whether you need a fully managed on-premise private cloud environment, or assistance in using one of the big three public cloud service providers, we can help you get the computing power you need.

Private Cloud Service (On-Premise)

We offer private cloud computing, using servers hosted in the UC Berkeley Data Center and UC San Diego Data Center, through our Cloud Computing Virtual Private Server service. This can be a fully...

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bCourses is Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS), using the open-source Canvas platform. This web-based tool provides a resource for instructors and students to enrich the teaching and learning experience.

bCourses is integrated with our Academic Integrity, Clickers, CalCentral, Course Capture, and Gradescope services. Instructors can create new or upload existing course materials and build graded activities within bCourses, while also using it to communicate with and provide feedback to students. It offers a variety of built-in assessment tools, as well as an...

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BFS (Berkeley Financial System)

The Berkeley Financial System (BFS) is the Enterprise Financial application used at the University. BFS is composed of several distinct modules. These include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Billing, eBill, Commitment Control, Grants, Contracts, Project Costing.

BFS integrates with other campus systems such as Campus Solutions (BCS) and the Enterprise Data Warehouse as well as UCOP related - UCPath. In addition it provides services to upload financial data from feeder systems. The data received from various campus departments includes billing...

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Blu Portal

The Blu Portal is an employee portal designed to be your one-stop employee resource for personalized access to information, services, and online resources. Blu integrates several UC Berkeley online services and Web applications into one convenient and secure location. When you log in, the system will recognize you as a faculty or staff member and present you with tools and information that are relevant to your job functions or academic pursuits. You must be logged into Remote Access VPN prior to using...

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Cal Viz: Tableau Enterprise Server

Tableau is a data visualization tool that allows campus analysts to dynamically connect to and integrate hundreds of types of data sources ranging from an Excel spreadsheet, to an on-premise or cloud database, to an unstructured web server log file, to a student data API. Tableau is already speeding up data delivery and allowing campus departments to tell compelling stories using the latest data visualizations.

This service is now available in response to proliferating campus demand for self-service tools to access, integrate, explore and visualize data. Berkeley IT partnered with...

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CalCentral simplifies and unifies the online experience for students, faculty, and staff at UC Berkeley. Whether you are a student enrolling in classes, an instructor checking your class roster, or an advisor assisting a student, CalCentral delivers information from multiple campus systems to a personalized, mobile-friendly dashboard.

Login to CalCentral

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CalPlanning (Budgeting and Forecasting)

CalPlanning is UC Berkeley's financial planning and analysis tool, which enables the shifting of finance professionals’ effort from heavily manual to analysis and decision support. CalPlanning provides a direct line of sight into financial plans and actuals at all levels of the institution that will enable multi-year, strategic decision-making within and across campus constituents.
Business Intelligence and Financial Systems

CalTime (Time and Attendance System)

CalTime tracks and reports work and leave time. Everyone is responsible for accurate timekeeping. Employees report leave and approve their time on their timecards. Supervisors review and approve their employees’ timecards. Timekeepers sign off on their units’ timecards. The system also includes the ability to assign "friendly names" for reporting to specific work chartstring accounts and project tracking to track time to specific projects.
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Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) supports the ClassPass application which manages AC Transit and campus shuttle bus access for students. The ClassPass gives registered students unlimited rides on AC Transit buses and Bear Transit shuttle buses throughout the semester and is now electronically loaded onto the AC Transit Easy Pass Clipper card.
Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT)

Confluence Wiki

Confluence is a collaborative editing content management service (wiki) focused on serving campus application development teams who support campus-wide applications. This service provides a place to document application development artifacts. If you are interested in using Confluence and you are not a development team supporting campus wide applications, please review these web hosting options available to the campus community.
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Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations at Berkeley offers departments the opportunity to coordinate course evaluations through an online system with easy management and reporting that is customizable. This common good tool managed by Research, Teaching and Learning is available to departments who have opted into the service.

Course Evaluations allows for the automation and simplification of final semester reviews for instructors and allows students to access their class form at their convenience. Reporting of results is automated. Appropriate administrative and supervisory staff are notified of...

Research, Teaching, and Learning

Document Management

UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff have several options for managing and storing documents as well as for applying business process workflow to their documents. The table below can help you decide which option may work best for your needs.

Questions to Consider Do your documents contain sensitive information (e.g. identifiable student or staff information)? If so, be sure to choose an option that has a data security level of P4...
See table for service provider information.


The eSignature service at UC Berkeley enables campus to reap the time and cost saving benefits of using electronic signatures via an electronic process in place of "wet signatures" using a paper process. DocuSign is the service platform used to deliver eSignature, a cloud hosted service that is approved by campus and the state of California to process legally binding signatures.

While there have been isolated eSignature users on campus for a while, each with their own eSignature product license and pricing, campus now has a service that all campus departments may use....

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Emergency Alert Systems (WarnMe/Nixle)

WarnMe/Nixle is UC Berkeley's alerting and warning service for students, staff, and faculty. It is activated to contact you when there is an immediate threat to safety or health affecting the campus community. WarnMe/Nixle can alert you by email or text message.
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GitHub @Berkeley

GitHub @Berkeley is UC Berkeley’s on-premise, private instance of GitHub, and is available for campus software development teams and individual developers to build software in private repositories or repositories shared within the Berkeley domain. Faculty, staff, students, and certain affiliates are eligible to use GitHub @Berkeley and the associated GitHub Pages to build websites. GitHub @Berkeley is not suitable for public or open source projects.
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HCM (Human Capital Management)

University Enterprise PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Services Suite including: Workforce Administration, Position Management, Direct Deposit, Employee Self Service, TAM (Talent Aquisition Management), and Candidate Gateway-Applicant Self Service.
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iHub (Integration Infrastructure)

The iHub's architecture centralizes common, cross-cutting functions and allows you to concentrate on supporting specific business concerns.

iHub is an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) customized to fit Berkeley's particular and varied needs and centrally funded to promote the evolution of campus IT to a more agile, secure, service-based digital environment.

We run service containers based on Spring Boot...

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Imagine Document Management & Workflow

The Imagine Service provides a document management, imaging, and workflow system that enhances how the campus manages paper and documents processing. The service provides hosting and support for a document imaging system that enables customers to reduce or replace paper-based storage and business processes with more efficient and cost effective electronic storage and business processes. The service helps customers to update business processes, preserve documents, determine retention periods, eliminate physical storage, collaborate with colleagues, and prepare for business continuity in...

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Integration Competency Center

You want your system to work in harmony with all of campus IT. The Integration Competency Center provides the knowledge and skills needed to do that.

Our staff are the campus experts for analyzing, defining, developing, and operating solutions that integrate data for more secure, reliable, and streamlined services.

We explore all considerations involved in integration architecture, design, implementation, and operation—and understand their campus-wide implications. For projects...

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JIRA is a task management tool focused on serving campus application development teams who support campus-wide applications. If you are interested in using JIRA and you are not a development team supporting campus wide applications, please review these web hosting options available to the campus community.
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SARA (Enterprise System Access Request)

The System Access Request Application (SARA) allows faculty and staff to request access to several different campus enterprise systems including Berkeley Financial Systems (BFS), the Berkeley Integrated Budget and Staffing System (BIBS), BearBuy (Supply Chain Management), Campus Deposit System (CDS), Payroll, Travel and Entertainment, CalAnswers HR Reporting, and UCPath.

Take Action

Request Access for Yourself or Your Employee...
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ServiceNow is software built in a cloud computing platform that helps organizations manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. The Enterprise Service Management team provides software solutions for campus customers on the following platforms:

Information Technology (IT) Human Resources (HR ServiceHub and Portal) Communication & Network Services (Telecom Catalog aka TelCat) Telemanagement System (Pinnacle)

Service offerings include application support, custom...

See service provider information in table above.

Software@ Berkeley

Software @ Berkeley (previously Software Central) provides comprehensive listing of campus-licensed software available for both institutional and personal use. UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students in need of software can view everything currently available in our Software Catalog, plus information on licensing, downloading software, eligibility, cost and more.


Adobe Creative Cloud (e.g....
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Student Information Systems (SIS)/Berkeley Campus Solutions (BCS)

UC Berkeley’s Student Information Systems (SIS) provides a single, easy-to-use point of access to all student information: admissions, financial aid, registration, enrollment, course management, advising, billing and payment, records, and more. SIS, also known as Berkeley Campus Solutions (BCS), provides tools and functionality that support the academic experience and helps cultivate a rewarding work environment for staff that is less transactional and more service-oriented. Built on Oracle Campus Solutions software, SIS is an integrated set of best-of-breed tools, technology and processes...
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