EAGC: Student Administration

The Enterprise Applications Steering Committee (EASC) overesees three different domain governance sub-committees: EAGC: Student Administration, EAGC: Finance & Procurement, and EAGC: HR & Academic Personnel (this committee is in development). The co-chairs of each sub-committee make up the membership of the EASC.


  • Prioritize IT activities and funding
  • Approve IT service roadmaps within the domain
  • Escalate conflicts to EASC
  • Meet bimonthly (or monthly as required)

Membership (19)

  • AVC for Financial Aid (Co-chair)
  • AD for GradDiv Student Services (co-chair)
  • University Registrar
  • Professional School Registrar (Law)
  • Dean of Undergraduate Studies, College of L&S
  • College of Engineering Representative
  • Director of Accounts Receivable and Banking
  • Executive Director of Research, Teaching, and Learning
  • Small Academic Department Representative
  • ASUC or Graduate Assembly Representative
  • Equity and Inclusion Representative
  • UC Berkeley Extension Representative
  • CAO from Summer Session and Study Abroad
  • Student Affairs IT Director
  • Executive Director of Enterprise Applications (ex officio)
  • EA/SIS Functional Director (ex officio)
  • EA Technical Director (ex officio)