Cost Containment for Box & Google

Goals & Benefits to Campus

Recognizing the end to “free and unlimited” cloud storage and services, rationalize and stabilize file storage and collaboration options available. Develop and implement a plan to help content owners migrate files across different services to avoid costs related to service modifications from storage providers. 

Measures of Success:

  • A comprehensible and sustainable strategy is developed for archives, backups, departmental/individual file storage, file share, and collaboration.

  • Yearly migration targets for Box storage are met: 2,200 terabytes by April 2022.

  • Data management costs/effort for departments have been optimized.


  • Took steps to manage the Box Service and applied storage limits to all accounts and configured items in the trash to expire after 30 days.

  • Supported users in reducing their Box footprint by connecting them with other service options or helping them right-size their data footprint to better align with how the Box service should be used.

  • Identified long expired accounts that can be eliminated, helping to reduce our storage costs.  An offshoot of that cleanup effort is the development of robust account governance processes for the future.

Luis O Hernandez

Team Members & Roles:

Luis Hernandez, Director of Productivity and Collaboration Services, Priority Lead


Shawna Dark, Chief Academic Technology Officer & Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Dave Browne, Executive Director of Campus IT Infrastructure

Wes Johnson, Executive Director of Campus IT Experience

Team Members

Mira Roseman, Project Manager 

Ian Crew, Solutions Architect

Rick Jaffe, Research IT Lead

Jon Hays, bConnected Manager

Rob Silva, G Suite Admin 

Joleen Locanas, Business Analyst

Sarah Bailey, Service Design + Comms

Joe Silva, Storage and Backup lead

Robert Amos, Cloud Storage and Infra Lead