IT Leaders Program (ITLP)

About the Program

Since 2006, 77 IT professionals from across campus have graduated from the IT Leaders Program (ITLP), a keystone offering from MOR Associates (MOR), a company that has been supporting, advising, and developing leaders since 1983. Targeted at senior managers and directors, ITLP is one of several leadership programs offered by MOR. This multi-track program is based on bringing small cohorts of leaders together across multiple institutions in four 3-day intensive workshops over a one year period. Berkeley has participated with many other higher education institutions over time, including Stanford, NYU, Columbia, Rice, UT Austin, to name a few.

The investment Berkeley has made in people through the IT Leaders Program through so many years has brought numerous benefits to the campus, both through the strong leadership of our many alumni in units across UC Berkeley, as well as the contributions our alumni have made together. The alumni group came up with the idea of building community across campus IT staff, an effort that ultimately became the One IT initiative. Alumni have also provided collaborative leadership in the development and execution of the Reimagining IT Strategic Plan. Individual alumni cohorts have been involved in bringing learnings from the program back to the campus community through work with the IT Managers’ Forum (ITMF), and more.

Program Objectives

  • To enhance the professional and personal development of individuals who will play increasingly important management and leadership roles within information technology.
  • To broaden each participant’s understanding of the strategic and technological issues facing higher education institutions and how each institution is shaping its choices.
  • To strengthen the relationships within and across the participating universities to foster the collaboration needed to leverage resources when working on common interests.

Program Design

The program provides a variety of learning opportunities encompassed in four tracks:

The Workshop Track

Workshops, spaced over eight months, focus on building competencies that you agree are needed to fulfill the leadership and management roles particular to your university.

The Applied Learning Track

Workshop pre-work and assignments to be completed between the sessions provide participants opportunities to meaningfully practice the leadership concepts and lessons presented during the program. Participants apply what they learn to their current work; they engage in small experiments to test out new approaches; and they explore strategic, systemic and technical topics relevant to your university’s future.

The Individual Development Track

“Work on self” is a critical dimension of the program. Each participant creates and pursues an individual development plan. The process includes 360° feedback, self-assessment, establishing goals, and one-on-one sessions with one of our experienced coaches.

The Leadership Community Track

Throughout the program we put considerable emphasis on building a leadership community. Workshops are interactive; affinity groups are charged with work between sessions; and participants are assigned peer coaches. The bonds formed during the program become critical currency for getting things done across the organization. Participants learn from each other, rely on each other, and sustain their relationships beyond the program end date.

MOR Leadership Framework

image for 5 W's of leadership

This illustration is MOR’s short take on the 5 W's of leadership: Who, What, Where, Why, and When.

2020 UC Berkeley ITLP Program 

Workshop Dates


  • Katie Dustin - Student Affairs IT
  • Shane Knapp - EECS
  • Noah McGee - IT Client Services
  • Aswan Movva - IST-Enterprise Data
  • Rana Silver - IST-Student Information Systems
  • Mark Stuhr - IST-Intercollegiate Athletics

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Functional Sponsor

Liz Marsh, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff - OCIO

group of people working at table during an ITLP workshop