Accessible Digital Tools & Content

Goals & Benefits to Campus

In partnership with campus stakeholders, continue to support implementation of the UC IT Accessibility Policy by furthering the institution’s progress towards ensuring that licensed software, online applications, digital communication environments, and digital content are accessible to everyone, specifically individuals with disabilities.

Empowering engaged thinkers and global citizens to change our world

  • This initiative focuses on ensuring that all UC Berkeley students have equitable access to the technology they need for research, learning, and teaching.

Berkeley embraces the California spirit: diverse, inclusive, entrepreneurial

  • Attracting and retaining a diverse student population means that we help students overcome barriers to their success. This initiative focuses on being more inclusive by helping students overcome barriers with the help of technology that everyone can use equitably.

Measures of Success:

  • Bolster support for accessibility reviews as part of the product procurement process

  • Conduct retrospective accessibility review of already licensed software (

  • Increase adoption of Siteimprove to assess website accessibility

  • Promote best practices and resources for PDF accessibility

  • Promote captioning best practices and resources for both recorded and live video

  • Increased campus awareness of accessible testing tools and professional development opportunities available for software developers

  • Strengthen partnerships across campus to collaboratively develop a long-term accessibility initiative that provides clear guidance and resources in the procurement and use of applications and tools.

Team Members & Roles:

Shawna Dark, Chief Academic Technology Officer & Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Teaching, and Learning (RTL), Sponsor

Wes Johnson, Executive Director of Campus IT Experience, Sponsor

Luis O. Hernández Muñiz, Director of Productivity and Collaboration Services

Erfan Mojaddam, Director of DevOps and Learning Spaces (RTL)

Owen McGrath, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Programs (RTL)