Campus IT Action Plan

We created this IT action plan in 2014 to enhance and share the value we provide to the University. From focusing on the fundamentals of IT service management and modernizing campus systems, to investing in the development of our teams so we can provide the best possible experience to everyone we provide services to or support. This website outlines many of the strategic initiatives we are undertaking across campus to solve real problems for our faculty, staff, and students to further the mission of UC Berkeley. This is not a list of everything we are working on, but reflects a set of priorities established with input from across campus.

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interactive IT Action Plan graphic with photos of people and icons of 7 themes Focus on the Fundamentals of IT Service Management Deliver Excellent Customer Service Implement Governance & Expand Customer Engagement Improve Security of University Data and IT Assets Improve Research, Teaching & Learning Technologies Enable Campus Shared Services Continuous Improvement of IT Applications and Services Our vision aligns with UC Berkeley's Operating Principles