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David Turner

Executive Director of Campus Applications & Data
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What We Do

The Campus Applications & Data unit ensures the mission-critical applications and data that are used to operate the university are aligned, designed, integrated, and managed together.

Key Functions & Services

Administrative Applications 

This group plays a crucial role in managing various administrative functions on campus. These systems typically encompass a range of software applications and tools designed to streamline and automate administrative processes. 

  • Timekeeping systems (CalTime, Timesheets, Friendly Names).
  • UCPath data & integrations (Reporting Instance, Microservice APIs, liaison roles).
  • Campus admin functions (Travel Reimbursements, CalMessages, Achieve Together, PeopleCards Portal, WarnMe, SARA, BCMS, Campus Policies).
  • Academic Personnel support (APBears, AP Burgundy Book, VSPA Gateway, VSPA Survey).
  • Student & Academic Support (Student Electronic Funds Transfer, Cash Deposit System, Berkeley Equipment Tracking System).

This group is also responsible for overseeing the operations, support, and continuous improvement of administrative software applications and systems used across various departments and functions.

  • ServiceNow: IT Service Management (Service Catalog, Incident, Service Requests, Change, Problem).

  • ServiceNow: HR Service Hub (BRS processes, UCPath actions).

  • ServiceNow: TelCat (Telecomm Service Catalog, Billing, Project Management, CMDB).

  • IT Service Management Support (Service consultation & architecture, bIT service mgmt maturity & practices, SM toolkit & training).

  • IT Shared Process Support (ITSM Roadmap, ITIL Processes, service onboarding).

  • Service Management Community of Practice, engagement, and education.

Application Delivery

Led by Ross Stivison, Director, this group is responsible for designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software applications that support various academic, administrative, and student services functions:

  • Oracle’s PeopleSoft
  • Finance (BFS)
  • HCM Portal (Blu)
  • Campus Solutions (BCS)
  • Ruby on Rails & Angular
  • CalCentral
  • Integrations
  • iHub
  • Vendor

This team also implements and manages security tools and measures to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of software applications and data across the campus environment. 

  • System Administration
  • CAD Security
  • Release Management, and Atlassian
  • Confluence
  • JIRA

Berkeley User Experience Program

Rachel Hollowgrass, User Experience Lead, guides this program to help improve the usefulness and usability of campus projects. Her team can work with project managers to ensure the user experience is included early on in the development cycle. Learn more about the Berkeley UX Program

  • Provide UX expertise to teams.

  • Provide mentoring and training to individuals and teams.

  • Apply UC Berkeley's Usability Principles to campus projects.

Data Solutions 

Danny Grieb is the Director of the Data Solutions group leading a cross-functional team responsible for consolidating campus data assets, systems/data integration, and overall portfolio/service management across Data Solutions, Berkeley IT data governance support, and business/data analyst support for major campus data initiatives.

This group also plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing data-related infrastructure, processes, and workflows across campus. 

  • API Management
  • API Central Developer Portal
  • API Gateway
  • Integration Infrastructure
  • API Service Containers
  • Messaging Queues
  • Integration Competency Center

Student Information Systems

The Student Information Systems (SIS) support group, led by Rana Silver, Director, is responsible for providing assistance, technical support, and guidance related to SIS and other student-related technologies.

Functional subject matter expertise, technical configuration, business systems, quality assurance analysis, user experience and design, and application governance leadership for the following services:

  • Oracle, PeopleSoft - Campus Solutions (BCS)

  • CalCentral 

  • Integrated Applications

  • Canvas bCourses, Gideon Taylor eForms, Technolutions Slate, CollegeNet 25Live