Digital Learning Strategy

Goals & Benefits to Campus

Integrate Digital Pedagogy, Digital Content, and Digital Learning Analytics in support of innovation and access for teaching and learning by leveraging partnerships through the Digital Learning Initiative.  (RTL)

Empowering engaged thinkers and global citizens to change our world

  • The DLI will broadly leverage technology to ensure that students have access to courses & academic resources needed in their pursuit of academic goals and timely graduation. 

  • Through digital portfolios and tools, the DLI will provide technologies to support students’ ability to engage w/ faculty, peers, campus community & beyond to discover & create while reflecting on their experience.

  • DL Grants can provide expert services in development of hybrid & online courses for innovative master’s and 2+3/4+1 programs allowing students the opportunity to graduate with both a Bachelor’s & Master’s w/in 5 years.

Berkeley embraces the California spirit: diverse, inclusive, entrepreneurial

  • Through online course offerings using our current learning management system and downstream outreach, certificate, executive education, and articulated undergraduate online programs, the DLI will leverage technology to create new forms of pedagogy and to make curriculum available broadly to people throughout the state and the world.

  • This initiative will position every student to fully participate in and leverage the innovative and ambitious use of new learning technologies by supporting the creation & curation of accessible, affordable, & portable content

Measures of Success:

  • Continue to support the Digital Learning Initiative, supporting online course development as well as readiness for remote instruction.
  • Identify and prioritize additional tools, best practices, staffing, and technical/organizational infrastructure needed to improve instructional resilience, with particular consideration given to DSP students.

  • Support the continued development of online and hybrid modalities, reinventing on-campus services when necessary.

  • Continue partnerships with Colleges, Schools, and SuS to develop campus-wide online courses and programs for mission-driven and revenue generation opportunities.

Shawna Dark

Team Members & Roles:

Shawna Dark, Chief Academic Technology Officer & Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education for Research, Teaching, and Learning, Priority Lead

Erfan Mojaddam, Director DevOps & Learning Spaces

Suzanne Harrison, Director Digital Learning Services