February 21, 2008

Noah Wittman, IST—Data Services

He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lites his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me. That ideas should freely spread from one to another all over the globe, for the moral and mutual instruction of man, and improvement of his condition, seems to have been peculiarly and benevolently designed by nature, when she made them, like fire, expansible over all space…. — Thomas Jefferson, 1813 (in a letter to Isaac McPherson)

February 20, 2008

A message from The CalMain Team, IST

Universities all over the world, including UC Berkeley, are being targeted in the latest spear phishing scam emails.

Phishing is an illegitimate attempt to trick people to reveal sensitive information, such as passwords and credit-card or bank account numbers, by impersonating as someone trustworthy. Spear phishing is a highly targeted type of phishing that may be harder to identify.

A message from Peggy Huston and Jon Conhaim, OCIO–TPO

The 2008 University of California Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) will be hosted at UC Santa Barbara and held July 20–22. UCCSC is a great opportunity for the UC campuses to gather annually and share technology challenges and successes. The theme of the conference this year is titled "Now UC IT…", and focuses on the life stages of IT services, from conception through maturity to legacy status.

February 19, 2008

Karin Bliman, IST—Web Applications
In January, CALmessages, the campus's official web broadcast system, underwent a major upgrade. It is now easier for authorized users to send email notifications and campuswide announcements to all campus community members and to target specific emails to specific audiences.
A message from Chris Hoffman, IST—Data Services
A message from Patrick Schmitz, IST—Data Services

The Data Services group within IST is beginning a new activity around semantic services that will provide reusable, generalized tools to support research and teaching here at Berkeley. These services leverage technologies for statistical natural language processing (S-NLP), as well as infrastructure to support social media and community annotation activities.

February 14, 2008

A message from Hebert Diaz-Flores, Campus Chief Technology Architect


In the August 2007 iNews article Reorganized Information Technology Architecture Committee (ITAC), I described the initial activities of the reorganized Information Technology Architecture Committee (ITAC).

In this article, I will update the campus on the status of the work in various areas, including:

A message from Allison Henry, IST-System and Network Security

IST–SNS has recently developed some new security tools and services to help the campus with system and data security needs. Some of our latest offerings include:

A message from Allison Henry, IST-System and Network Security

IST–SNS is pleased to announce some recent enhancements to the RDM application for registering campus systems that store or host restricted data. The enhancements are now in production and include:

A message from Rosemary Kim, University Relations—Advancement Operations; and Kevin Fong, University Relations—Information Technology

Editor's note: This is University Relations's second iNews article about upgrading the database application that is central to UC Berkeley's fundraising enterprise. For background on the project, see their previous article Fundraising campaign to benefit from new Campuswide Alumni/Development System (CADS).

February 13, 2008

A message from Shel Waggener, CIO

Kelly Haberer, Interim Deputy Chief Information Officer for Information Services and Technology, has announced her intention to retire effective June 27, 2008, following many years of outstanding service and contributions to the University and campus community.

February 11, 2008

A message from Richard Taylor and Roesia Gerstein, Business Services

The eProcurement/eSettlement project has launched! The project is a campuswide Procure-to-Pay initiative sponsored and funded by Administration, which will transform the current campuswide systems by significantly improving purchasing-to-payment transactional operations. Oracle (PeopleSoft) will provide the software modules and lead the implementation for the UC Berkeley system. SciQuest will provide the catalog management portion.

A message from Jack Shnell, IST—Infrastructure Services
A message from Jack Shnell, IST—Infrastructure Services

The UCBackup team is pleased to announce that Departmental On-site Computing Support (DOCS) will be providing extended help, when necessary, to customers who experience issues with the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) desktop client software.

February 7, 2008

A message from Shel Waggener, CIO, and Kelly Haberer, Interim Deputy CIO

A message from Tanya Leigh Jansen, IST-TAM

A message from Tanya Leigh Jansen, IST–TAM

In an effort to focus on the customer experience, IST formed the Technical Account Management (TAM) team to act as a bridge between campus customers seeking customized packages of IT services and IST service providers. TAM team members typically consult with customers, gather requirements, and work with service providers to recommend solutions. They also serve as project managers to ensure timely provisioning and delivery of services.

February 5, 2008

A message from Kate Riley, IST-Web Applications

A message from Bernie Rossi, CalMail Team

Currently, the CalMail mailing list service treats email sent from @uclink{2,3,4} and addresses as equivalent to addresses. Because we no longer encourage the use of the older @uclink and @calmail addresses, we will discontinue support of posting to mailing lists from these variants.

January 31, 2008

A message from Harold Pakulat, IST–Service Desk

The Service Desk is pleased to announce that the next major phase of the IST Enterprise Ticketing project has begun, with implementation activities having started in late January 2008. Following protracted negotiations during fall 2007 with BMC for Remedy licensing, and Column Technologies for consulting services, contracts have been signed and we are actively scheduling implementation tasks.