Announcing the FY25 One IT Strategic Plan

June 24, 2024

The FY25 One IT Strategic Plan highlights the collective work being done across the technology landscape at Berkeley, from enhancing classroom technology to providing the foundational infrastructure the campus needs to thrive. This extensive plan, involving 30 campus units, is designed to support the campus mission and invest in instruction and research by leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering an inclusive, secure, and efficient IT environment.

Upgrades in classroom technology will standardize A/V equipment, improve student and instructor classroom experiences, improve self-service support systems, and enable course capture across departments. Berkeley will bolster its research support through data center enhancements, secure data storage, and integration of safety applications. Departments like Demography and Environmental Health & Safety will lead initiatives to develop new web applications and synchronize critical research data. This includes implementing systems and remote access strategies to advance research computing capabilities.

Technology will promote equity and inclusivity through our Digital Accessibility Program to ensure all digital content meets WCAG standards and Department of Justice requirements. Efforts will include updating web services, improving digital content accessibility, and training stakeholders across departments. Work will also continue to foster a diverse and inclusive IT community through professional development, social networking, and culture enhancement.

The largest focus for this year’s plan will be to sustain, maintain, and upgrade foundational technology vital to campus business operations. Application integration and consolidation will enhance data handling and cybersecurity and improve user experience through services like the Berkeley Desktop. Efforts also include evolving the data center infrastructure to meet growing research demands and reducing digital storage costs by leveraging optimized solutions.

The One IT Strategic Plan Program Planning Group (PPG)

  • Tyler Crooks, Health System Analyst Supervisor, University Health Services
  • Gabriel Gonzalez, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for IT, and Chief Information Officer
  • Casey Hennig, One IT Program Manager, Strategy & Partnerships, Berkeley IT
  • Luis O. Hernández Muñiz, Director, Productivity & Collaboration Services, Berkeley IT
  • Erfan Mojaddam, Deputy Chief Academic Technology Officer and Director of Learning Technologies and Spaces, Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)
  • Terence Phuong, Executive Director, Business Operations and Interim Executive Director Strategy & Partnerships, Berkeley IT
  • Jennifer Sierras, Chief Technology Officer, University Development & Alumni Relations