Announcing "Supportal," a new campus navigational website

November 16, 2023

Dear Campus Community,

We write to announce a new campus website, the Berkeley Support Portal  (“Supportal”). This website is designed for everyone in our campus community — undergraduates, graduate and professional students, postdoctoral appointees, staff, faculty and other academic appointees, visiting scholars, visitors to campus, volunteers, and anyone else who has a connection to UC Berkeley. 

We know that when folks have a concern or encounter an issue, navigating UC Berkeley can sometimes be challenging or even feel overwhelming. Supportal is a navigational aid, designed to quickly get you to the right campus resource to start to address your particular concern or challenge. To help you find your type of concern quickly, the website is organized into these functional categories:

  • Learning, research, and working at UC Berkeley
  • Conflict and conflicts of interest
  • Personal support needs, like counseling or basic needs support
  • On-campus concerns
  • Community-specific concerns 
  • Harm and misconduct 

If you have trouble locating your concern, the website offers alternative pathways to resources, including answers to frequently asked questions; a list of campus resources to browse; and links to other campus navigator websites (such as or the Academic Leaders Toolkit) that can address more common questions and how-to’s or provide resources for specific populations. 

We encourage you to explore and share Supportal

Campus subject matter experts regularly review submissions to the Supportal Suggestion Box and update the site accordingly. We welcome your suggestions and feedback at any time.

And last but not least: a big thank you to the Supportal Advisory Group, who provided feedback during the design phase of this website:

  • Heather Archer
  • Amy Azuma
  • Martha Chavez
  • Jenae Cohn
  • Karie Frasch
  • Lisa Garcia-Bedolla
  • Leslie Harlson 
  • Ryker Hittner
  • Patrick Holmes
  • Steve Johnston
  • Drew Kiser
  • Alberto Ledesma
  • Maria Rose Raini
  • Fabrizio Mejia
  • Bahar Navab
  • Sabrina Reich
  • Bill Reichle
  • Scott Seaborn
  • Mary Ann Smart
  • Kiyoko Thomas
  • David Wilson
  • Members of OPHD, Clery, Whistleblower teams
  • Members of the Coordinated Community Review Team (CCRT)

With warmest wishes,

Sharon Inkelas, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty and Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Campus Welfare

Ava Blustein, Special Projects Analyst and Deputy Title IX Officer, Civil Rights Programs

Kellie Brennan, Executive Director of Civil Rights, Whistleblower & Clery Compliance; Interim Title IX Officer and Director of OPHD; Locally Designated Official (LDO)

Khira Griscavage, Associate Chancellor; Chief of Staff to Chancellor Carol T. Christ; Chief Ethics, Risk, and Compliance Officer