Information Security Office (ISO) Team Updates

March 28, 2023

Please join us in congratulating Jake Harwood on his promotion to Senior Information Security Manager. In this new role, Jake will have direct oversight of the Security Operations, Security Assessment, and Security Development teams. Jake will continue to report to me in this new role.

While we work to backfill the Security Operations Manager role that Jake is leaving, John Ives has graciously agreed to step in as Interim Manager.

This change in our leadership structure will allow us to improve our delivery of security services, while allowing us to focus on strategic security offerings through the alignment of our risk assessment, security operations, and security development work.

Meet Jake Harwood, Senior Information Security Manager

Jake has been with Berkeley since 1997, starting with a role working on the shared research computer Socrates, focusing on sendmail and security. In 2021 he joined the newly formed security department and began the process of developing the security operations program. Prior to joining Berkeley, Jake worked as a Digital Networking switching operator in the Army Signal Corps and used the G.I. bill to attend college where he was presented with an opportunity to work on a project to bring internet connectivity to the community college's campus.

Meet John Ives, Interim Security Operations Manager

After graduating from Cal, John began his career with Cal in 1996 by joining the English department, before moving on to the College of Chemistry. In 2004 he began interning for Security (then called Systems and Network Security) and was hired permanently at the close of the internship. John has extensive experience in host and endpoint work, and specializes in network security working on IDS and firewalls. John currently is serving as technical lead in the deployment of our new Prisma Cloud security offering.

In his off hours, John is on staff to the Diana Initiative (a conference dedicated to helping underrepresented populations in information security), enjoys snowboarding, LEGO assembly, and crafting cocktails and mocktails where he has started developing some original recipes.

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Thank You,

Charron Andrus, MAG, ITIL (she/her)

Associate Chief Information Security Officer