Please Review: Upcoming Changes to Google Workspace

November 15, 2023

To our campus community,

You are receiving this message as an update on the progress of the Google Storage Reduction project. Last May, we sent an announcement about this project notifying those with Google accounts storing more than 150 GB to reduce their storage by Jan. 23, 2024. We are providing some important updates for you to be aware of as we prepare for the changes that Google has made to its storage limits

What is happening?

Two changes are being made to Google Workspace, one immediate and the other happening in January 2024:

  • Over the next week, all docs, sheets, and slides in Google owned by an account holder who is no longer actively affiliated with the University will be marked with a red alert that says "WILL BE DELETED" next to the title of the document in the web editor. Content marked with this alert will be deleted beginning September 2024. This alert will not show in your lists of files, or on files not created within Google Drive. This includes documents or files you may have uploaded to Drive such as PDFs, images, or videos, although that content is also subject to deletion. Find more information about these alerts on the project webpage
  • Then on Jan. 23, 2024, all individual UC Berkeley Google accounts that currently have a storage usage higher than 150 GB will have a limit of 150 GB applied. Berkeley IT is already working with account holders who are over the storage limit and will continue to reach out via email until the deadline. This does not apply to Special Purpose (SPA departmental) Accounts or Shared Drives.

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Thank you for your partnership as we work through these changes together.

Gabriel Gonzalez,
Interim AVC for IT and Chief Information Officer
Wes Johnson, Executive Director of Campus IT Experience

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This message was sent campus-wide to all students, faculty, staff, emeriti faculty, and retirees. If you are a manager supervising UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.