Staff Appreciation Week & Highlighting Staff Achievements

September 18, 2023

bIT Colleagues,

As we kick off Staff Appreciation Week, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your continued resilience and hard work in diving into another academic year. As you juggle your work life along with the many life occurrences and demands in your personal lives, you all deserve recognition and a huge THANK YOU! 

I think it is also a good time to celebrate colleagues who have been recognized for their outstanding achievements. Recently, EDUCAUSE announced Wes Johnson, Executive Director for Campus IT Experience as their Rising Star Award recipient for 2023 and he will be honored at this year’s conference. Wes was awarded, “For providing exemplary customer support throughout his career progression; for championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the higher education technology workplace; for inspiring others through his personal journey and his passion for giving back.” 

Earlier this year we congratulatedCharron Andrus, Associate Chief Information Security Officer (ACISO) on being selected as a recipient of the Excellence in Management Award along with community members who won Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Awards (COSA) including Wood Foster-Smith, Nili Ovaici, Rana Silver, Eric Armstrong, and Leslie Wills

We are now pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Berkeley IT Spot Award recipients. This award is designed to recognize special contributions of staff, as they occur, for a specific accomplishment. They also recognize and reinforce the behaviors and values that are important to us in Berkeley IT, the One IT Community, and at UC Berkeley.

The impressive accomplishments that have taken place over the past year are remarkable and something for which we should all be proud.  

2022-2023 bIT Spot Awards Recipients

Kellsie Adams CITI

Syed Ahmed CAD

Eric Armstrong CAD

Mithra Bandi CAD

Natasha Batra (student) ISO

Jeane Blunt S&P

Micah Bot-Miller CITE

Caroline Boyden CITE

Sina Carroll CITE

Darin Clarke Bus Ops

Max DiBlasi S&P

Irma DonaldsonCITI

Mariah Dyson-Smith CAD

Chad Edwards ISO

Mark Edwards CAD

Yvonne Fang CAD

Clarissa FerminPPC

Andrew Fitzgerald CITI

Anna Gazdowicz CITE

Adam Germek CITI

Luca Giles (student) ISO

Emily Gladstone ISO

Danny Grieb CAD

Sam Griffin Bus Ops

Jake Harwood ISO

Tim Heidinger CAD

Ken Hensel CAD

Rachel Hollowgrass CAD

Mike Howard CITI

Mona Irwin CAD

Blaine Isbelle CITI

John Ives ISO

Colette Jackson CAD

Yolanda Jaggers CAD

Luqi JiaBus Ops

Mike Jones ISO

Patricia Juarez CITE

Radha Karichedu CAD

Desi Katuri CAD

Terri Kouba CAD

Josh Kwan ISO

Andrea Lloyd CAD

Irene Lobos CITI

Jessica Longhurst CAD

Kathleen Lu CITE

Jeff Makaiwi CITI

Isaac Mankita Bus Ops

Cosmo Martinez CAD

Britt McClintockPPC

Judy Meers CITI

Jason Miller CAD

Joe Mitola CITE

Yoshita Mukherjee Bus Ops

Deepthika Nallaparaju CAD

Shubha Narasimhan CAD

Jim Neal CITI

Taneya Neal CITI

Rosalind Nevels CITI

Gladys OddoyeCITI

Pooja Ojha CAD

Nili Ovaici CAD

Sunil Kumar Panta CAD

Pankaj Patel CAD

Lexie Patten CITE

Lani Pittman CAD

Stella Pretzlaf CITI

Keerthy Puttagunta CAD

Michael Quan CITE

Rita Rosenthal S&P

Siva Sareddy CAD

Kazim Senoglu CAD

Supriya Shanbhogue CITI

Rahul Shrivastava CAD

Joe Silva CITI

Gaurav Singh CAD

Forrest SmalleyCITI

Faye Snowden Bus Ops

Ray Spence CITI

Robin Tate CITI

Jonathon Taylor ISO

Doug Van Buren CAD

Padma Vemula CAD

Tony Venuto CITE

Jeffrey WilliamsCITE

Leslie Wills CAD

Angela Wong CITI

Brian Wood CITE

Brandon WrightCAD

Fall Staff Appreciation Week (SAW), Sept. 18-22

As a reminder, here are the events happening this week:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 19 - Free Coffee at Goldies - 9 - 11:30 a.m. - Head over to Goldie's for a free cup of drip coffee, tea, hot cocoa, pastry, or banana courtesy of People & Culture. Must be present and show staff ID to receive.

  • Wednesday, Sept. 20 - Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA) “Back to School” coffee & cookies - 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Enjoy coffee and cookies with BSA atThe Class of 1914 Fountain (near Bancroft & College). Must show staff ID. Pleaselet us know if we’ll see you there! Also, please note this is not an officially sponsored SAW event.

  • Wednesday, Sept. 20 - $7 Lunch at Berkeley Dining Locations - 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Enjoy lunch with your colleagues for 50% off (courtesy of People & Culture) when you show your Cal 1 Card at Crossroads, Foothill, Cafe 3, CKC, and MLK Eateries.

  • Thursday, Sept. 21 - Celebrate Cal Night at the ball game - Oakland A's vs. Detroit Tigers - 6:40 p.m. - Get 1 FREE ticket (or more at a discount) and enjoy the A’s Cal Night with other Berkeley staff in our sectioned off area and private lounge. Plus, a limited edition free Cal/A’s baseball cap will be given to each staff member who uses our link!Get your tickets here and see more details on ourSAW websiteOne IT will have their own section and family and friends are welcome to join!

  • Friday, Sept. 22 - Virtual Escape Room - 10 - 11 a.m. - Interact with new colleagues as you work toescape the desert islandMust RSVP to participate. Please note teams are randomly assigned.

Also, throughout the week all staff are invited to come shop in-store and show your Cal ID for 20% off your entire purchase at our official campus store - don’t forget to check out our Staff Appreciation Week webpage for more details.

Supervisors and managers are encouraged to show flexibility for their teams throughout this week by allowing them to attend events during work hours as their unit’s business needs allow. As a reminder, appreciation for our staff’s efforts this week (and every week) is always encouraged.

Remember, you always have the option to thank or celebrate a colleague throughout the year by nominating them through our Pay IT Forward program. 

Again, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and service to the UC Berkeley community!



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